Sunday, November 29, 2009


The first ball I bowled to him was ruthlessly hit to a boundary. Second ball was no different.

"What's your tactic SORCY!!!!" shouted my captain, who thinks he owned me or something.
"Well!!! I am trying to make him hit the ball to the pond" I reasoned.

Now, that would be a news for you.

In our part of the world, which is situated near a pond, separated by a low compound wall, any batsman who hit the ball to the pond will be declared "out" and also unceremoniously asked to fetch the ball.

So my ingenious tactic was to make the batsman over confident by giving loose balls and then making him hit the ball .."pluck" into the pond, and then shout "HOWZAAAAATTTTT".

No worries on that appeal. All you gonna get back is stares from your teammates and a deep sigh.

"Hey!! They just need 4 runs to win this game", Harish, a fielder shouted.

4 runs to win and 4 balls remaining. The game is at stake. Somewhere deep inside me, I felt like superman playing cricket to save the world from taking 4 runs.[ metaphor or simile..your call]

"Concentrate..Sorcy!!! Concentrate... " said my inner self.


I took my pace and I bowled the 3rd ball.



The batsman twitched his body like a question mark (?)

"I didn't do that on purpose." I..I... Sorry buddy! The ball slipped out of my hands"
"Yeah! We know you didn't do that on purpose. We never seen you do a full length ball in our life, before." said the wise one.
"Sorcy, you really aimed for the middle stump." said another teammate to comfort the wounded or pounded by soothing words.

Let me tell you people, incidents like this are always hilarious, for the observer(s)

Now all the geniuses were brainstorming on "what must be done" to the patient.

"When we used to get hit on groin, we used to run around the ground and later it subsides."
testimonial by one genius.

We all looked at the genius. We are well aware that he being an engineering student, his tactics at his campus will entitle him for kicks/hits in the groins and he will have to run. That's completely different from this situation.

"Can you run?" asked genius.
All he got in response was 'puppy eyes'.

We called off the match and was taking our fallen comrade home.

Harish: Should we take him to the doc?

Genius: Yes!! We will know what they will do to him.

Batsman:NOOO!!! You all are going to leave me at my home, and not a word of it to my cousins.

Genius: oh!! So your cousin chicks are at your home? So what we gonna say if they ask.

Sorcy: We tell them its Tennis elbow syndrome. Its common in cricket and Sachin Tendulkar had that.

Harish: Sorcy! Batsman walk like a duck, and do you think they will believe it. Why not tell them the truth.

Batsman:Don't. Noone is going to tell them, I got hit on the balls. I will never hear the end of it.

[ Here there be silence ]

Harish: Sorcy!! Why you smiling at yourself. Did you do that on purpose?

Sorcy: No..I was..just thinking of something.

Genius:Like... Some stupid time when you got hit on the!! those wonderful memories.

Sorcy: What does Santa and batsman now have in common?

Batsman:You people are really making me soo comfortable. I am so happy to have you people as my friends. Cut it short and tell the stupid answer Sorcy.

Sorcy: Red sack.

[ Let here be awesome laugh]

We reach batsman's home. His cousins were playing badminton. They stopped the game as they saw us.
Cousin 1: What happened?

Harish: Nothing, He slipped and fell. Nothing broken.

Genius:Hope so.

Batsman:See you people.Will catch up with you at Anil's place tonight.

The batsman moves limping, helped by his cousin.

Cousin 2:Tell me, What really happened?

Genius: Nothing..okay .. Just..Just give him a chair with hole in the middle to sit.

Cousin 2: Piles?

We was trying really hard not to laugh at my friend's sudden ingenious outbreak.


"What made you say that chair thing?" I asked the genius.
"It just occurred to me that, it would make him more comfortable.. to sit." replied genius in complete innocence.



санжог said...

HA HA HA HA, you almost castrated him.

He'd be thinking "no issues" any more.

Sorcerer said...


ya ever talked to lav about issues.
she says 'only married ppl have issues.'
i think he will not have an issue

Saadi said...

OMG!!!! My tummy hurts!!!

This is soooo funny!!

Great going, man!!

Cynthia@RunningWithLetters said...

Wow--I had no idea...I am so unfamiliar with Cricket--with all the talk of runs, I thought at first it was a baseball post (until I re-read the title and felt dumb).

Thanks so much for visiting over at my place last week! Come on by any time :)

Anonymous said...

I never met a guy who wasn't over-protective of his balls.

Anonymous said...

I hope you really din't do that on purpose :P
The chair thing by the genius was awesome.

Sorcerer said...

thanks :)

its cricket...a mutated form of baseball.
:) thanks for the comment

thanks for the comment

I didnt do that on purpose.but it looked that way..
genius is actually the one who gives us spontaneous, facts and things!!

Marvin the Martian said...

I haven't seen a cricket match in years. It's nice to read about yours.

Nice site. I like your header graphic.

Sorcerer said...


thanks for visitin the blog and the comment

Saurabh Panshikar said...

Nice Idea dude!

If you can't get them out, get them down!

We do such type of things too! Usually during run-out... Aim for the batsman, not the stumps!

Sorcerer said...


so you think I did that on purpose..
*looks down..
I had never done a full length ball in my life and the first time it happened (accidently) it found a different stump.

i should be careful while playing with you..may be run..round..round..or zig zag...
i dont care about the wicket..but my wicket!

Megha said...

haha...that was a nice read...specially your idea to give full tosses when just 4 runs needed..what got u think of that :D

I have seen guys go crazy over cricket. There doesnt seem any thing more interesting than cricket for guys on Sunday, why so ?

Sorcerer said...

i thought of giving another loose ball.but the ball got loose out of my hands!

its fun.