Friday, November 13, 2009

< FRIDAY THE 13th >

This is happening as I am typing it.

I am at this internet cafe, to check my email and things as the broad band conked. Am I surprised? Today is Friday the 13th. Such things are supposed to happen.

I walk in to this cafe. Give my name and phone number.
Now those who are wondering, why I gave these information. It’s a mandatory practice to prove that I am NOT a terrorist and I won’t be in the future cuz they have my name and phone number also the cyber Crime Investigation Cell will be after me if I screw up something like sending hate emails and crap shit blah blah bloop.

All the cubicles with the computers in that internet cafe are numbered. He points to cubicle number 3 and says "You can use that one."

Irrespective of the fact that it was Friday the 13th, the cubicle given to me was placed between 2 and 4 (for mathematically acute) which had beautiful chicks, browsing the internet.
When I say beautiful, I mean H.O.T and Awesome ... I don’t want to make this write-up an erotica.

OOOOH!!!! NOO!!!!
The keyboard I was using is not having the space bar. No space means No 'PLUCK' sound.
Yes!!! There was a void () in the place of space bar. NO key. NOTHING, NADA, ZILCH,

I looked to my left, No issues for them.
I looked to my right, No issues for them.

That means, I am the only one with a keyboard without SPACE BAR.

Friday the 13thSTRIKES!!!

I stood up.
I wanted to lift the keyboard and show him that the keyboard has no space bar. But the darn thing's cable was stuck somewhere and I could not pull it up.

The internet cafe guy saw me standing up and called out to me "PUT YOUR FINGER."

I was like..."errrrrr...."

To prove my innocence on this standing issue, I used my amazing ability to put words in action (Yes!! I am a man of few words; and it’s not because of lack of vocabulary but It's recommended by my doctor).

With my actions I asked him “You Mean!! Press inside the hole on the keyboard?”
Notice this point that I used my MIDDLE finger to affirm that ‘PRESS’ part, which I later realized was the most dumb (read: Awesome) thing to do.

Every eye was on me. The girls in the next cubicle was whispering something and giggling. They must have missed this part that I am a guy and I prefer to use that long key.
Yes and
“I AM NOT A FREELANCE GYNECOLOGIST to put finger in every hole.”- Sorcerer

What he meant was to put finger inside the slot where space bar was supposed to make contact and press it.

IDIOT Cafe guy. He should know that certain usages have many meanings in this modern world.


I am taking my revenge. I am composing this blog post on the 13th Friday, from the same internet cafe, putting my finger in the key slot of this damaged keyboard, when I want to type space and posting it from the same cafe that embarrassed me.

Friday the 13th worked its black magic on me. How was it for you?



санжог said...

the space bar and the hot chicks...hmmmm...spokey


Sorcerer said...

what bar are you talking about?

санжог said...

where the freelance gynaecologist goes to have drinks but cant have space

Anonymous said...

13th Friday!!

I always wanted something really weird to happen to me on 13th Friday so that I could write it in my blog and title it Friday 13th but so far 13th friday is just like any other day :~(

Lol anyways I title my comment so ... :~)
Are you still in the cafe :~P

Anonymous said...

World traveler you are!

buzzzzzzzzz... said...

hehehe ....afta readin ur posts ,, m so busy lollin dat ma brain refuses to form sumthn sensible to commnt!!

Saurabh Panshikar said...

Talk of Miscommunication! Just tell the giggling galz not to put their finger in your business!

Well enjoy the No-Space Bar!

My brush with F13 wasn't good either. Bluddy bike broke down. The accelerator cable snapped. Plus all shops closed.

Ashley said...

Friday the 13th is getting spookier with every passing year. This year it is the case of the missing space bar...I am scared to imagine what the next year will be like.... :)

PS the Pratsie said...

lotsa work todat but then it was less dan monday and tuesday .. so it was normal !

hbsp said...

haha! ya ya..spooky! funny write-up though.

nothingprofound said...

My Friday the 13th was pleasant and most of my days.

Sorcerer said...

thank you for the comment and visiting my blog more often.

yes... right from my couch..I can travel round the world

haha..nyway.thanks for dropping by

oohh!! seems like you had more than fair share of mishaps on 13th
btw..i read your recent entry. on your blog..Awesome mate.

:) thanks for the comment

@pSP spilling coffee..nothing?

thanks :)
@nothing profound
okies..thanks for the comment!

CRD said...

chee chee Sorcy...Jahaan Jaata Hai Unglee Hi Karta hAi :P


Kate M said...

Friday the 13th went by without a hitch for me. Lucky me!

angel from heaven said...

hee hee so funny amazing your finger has many uses!!!lolz I am surprised you didnt you ask the cute chick next door to help out with her finger.