Friday, November 6, 2009


College is a social setting, where we learn the complexities of life for free. - Sorcerer

Ps: No sentiments were hurt in the making of this episode.

We all decided to celebrate the ONAM.( An awesome festival in Kerala.) This is the celebration in which we Keralites(Also called Mallus) make floral designs with flowers in front of the home and long queues in front of beverage corporation.

[Floral Design] , [ Long Queue]

We people thought of celebrating it our way. We got together at one of our buddies home and thought of cooking our own food and accessory foods.'[ Food that goes with main food() ] This is where the butterfly effect began to take shape.

Harish was in charge of making 'Payasam'( A sweet drinkable non alcoholic thing).

He was busy multi-tasking between 2 dishes he was making. Some unexplainable phenomenon made the 'sweet drinkable non alcoholic thingy' slip and fall.

Don't worry! Nothing happened to me. [Thank you for your concern!! :) ]

I was away, in the bath. Taking a shower after a steamy affair. [In the kitchen it is always a steamy affair.] and I am unable to say how it happened, cuz I didn't see it.

Anyway I am short of words to explain this unfortunate incident that happened to a best buddy. He was burned, badly, but he insists it’s not so bad.


At The Campus:

Harish, was sitting under a beautiful tree, trying to forget the unfortunate incident which happened to him last day. He didn’t want to talk to anyone. He wanted peace.
We were sitting a few meters away from him. The awesome Onam celebration was real costly celebration and we were all broke.

Most of the funding for our Co-Curricular activities didn’t come from our home, but was raised from the campus itself. Mostly, fund raising happens for cricket matches that never happened, or football teams that never played but lost.

[ No!!! Don't give me that look. This is how we all get seasoned by life.pish pish pish!!! ]

One of them in our group had an idea. Everyone opposed this awesome Idea at first, including my conscious, but soon thinking about the potential in that idea everyone agreed.

We: Hey! Harish, We want to ask you something.

Harish: I am not coming anywhere. I am sitting here..Right Here!!

We all understood the hostile tone in the voice. The first stage was a success.

Harish was a good guy, helpful; everybody loves him, including girls in the campus.
The 'Save Harish' campaign was stealthily in progress at the campus. The target audience of this campaign was the 'girls' of course.

Why girls?

They have 50, 100, 500, 1000 Indian Rupee notes. Guys have 5, 10, Rs notes. They always keep denominations or are broke.

Correct Timing:
Its the first day after Onam Holidays. So every one (especially girls)comes from home with cash given to them by unkils(read: Uncles) and aunts, elder cousins, NRI relatives etc.

How stealth works:

"You don't want to hurt Harish's sentiments. Do ya?” This simple statement will allow us to leave a very tiny heat signature on their radar and help the campaigners to work in stealth before blowing our cover or as the pilots call it 'Getting painted'.

We were able to raise a good 'fund'.
You may ask me will it work? Trust me. It will


Due to the prying eyes of the Income Tax Department, I won’t be saying how much amount we raised. Not much but it was sufficient to keep us all going for a month.
After 2 hours or so, we were back with him, under the beautiful tree. There he was sitting alone.
We went near him. Gives him the Pepsi we brought for him.

He sniffs the air.

Harish: You all went and had Chicken Biryani?


Harish: Is that why you called me before you left?

We: errr...Hmm.....

Harish: You people didn’t tell me you were going for food.

Lijo: How can we tell you? We raised the fund in your name.

Harish: WHAT?

[Let here be silence]

We: hmm... but we brought you Pepsi. It is full of vitamins. You will get well soon.

Does this come under survival skill? I don't know.
I won't be surprised if anyone in our close friends group becomes a politician in the future.
At times I do think , isn’t this the way how the world work these days?



санжог said...

I would not stand in that they have raised their lungis and look how close they are standing to each other.

Sorcerer said...


Anonymous said...

hahaha thats funny.
And the first comment too :~)

Saurabh Panshikar said...




Thank god you escaped the fatal kitchen accident unhurt! lol

Saadi said...


Poor Harish....i dunno y all the guys named 'Harish' are often left with the short-end of the tht Hari in FPS!!

Lol..amazingly written!!!

Saadi said...

N yea...great new headlining banner!! :D

Sorcerer said...

thank you for the comment


yeah... that was a close call. *gulp
or else I too would have missed the biryani thingy


Thanks for the comment and yeah..:) on the banner

Ajit said...

Always love mallu humor
being a mallu born and brought up gujarati style i really am a mixed bhajjia
Anyways i always miss booze parties in gujarat as it is the only dry place in the world

Anonymous said...

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Barbie Jones said...

Your buddy's H0t steamy affair in the kitchen is an unforunate insindent.That wrecks havok with people's lives,and must indeed have affected you.