Sunday, November 8, 2009


Dear Creep

That’s one adjective bestowed upon you by me and my friends. You totally take pride in making people scream out loud by your antics.

The way we met was totally different. Remember that day, 10 years back when I got a call from an unlisted number.
I still remember the conversation.

Me: Hello

You: ARRRRGGHHH!! Where are you?

Me: Who is this?

You: Aha!!! Who am I? I am waiting for you here with your documents you @&(^@#&@.

Me: errr... Check the numbers before you dial again you creep.

You: Gee... *gulp, I am sorry, You end with 69. I am sorry


You: Sorry again, my friend's number ends up with 96.

Me: Hahahahahaha!!


Me: Hello, you there?

You: Hahahahahaha!!!


Then after that I got around 10 or more texts on my cell phone apologizing for your dumb conversation.
That was the beginning of our friendship. Something in the lines of the conversation made some kind of connection between us.
As time moved by we became good friends, best friends. I would say you are the only person who knew a lot about me.

We never found it difficult to say anything to you, and you always sit with that crooked smile, listening to everyone, stacking it away, sealed forever. You took care to see that your conversation never linked to our sad moments. You are a guy with an awesome sense of humor. All those stupid text messages you send us every day in the morning, woke us out of the bed with a smile, sometimes with huge laughs. oohh..I forgot you never forgot any of our birthdays. You were the first one to wish us no matter what.

I loved your never 'giving up the chase' attitude dude. You always put others first in your priority list. It requires guts. Seriously a lot of gut than what people thinks about it.
This incident still surprises me. That day when I was sick and was unable to travel to receive a foreign delegate you personally volunteered on behalf of me and went to receive him. See, that day you had just recovered from fever. You were so confident in whatever you do. You never said anything. You went ahead, you did it. Wow!

Your 'Project Catherine' was quiet famous in our friend circle. Dude!! that days was awesome.

Whenever we meet up, we used to laugh for hours. You come up with all those insane stories and your adventure stories on your motor-bike. (You were married to it!). I think the toughest thing to do on this planet is to put a genuine smile on someone else face. You do that with ease.

Hey!! that was a fine evening of November.The beautiful clouds ornamented the sky in it's bronze and gold.
You know we used to talk a lot whenever we meet. But that day, you came to meet me. Something was bothering us both. We stood there.
You denied the offer for a coffee. Of course, I felt a pang in the heart when you left. Something was not right.


When I didn’t hear from you after that day, I tried to drive away those not so good thoughts which was gnawing at my heals.
Nobody knew that you could never take our calls again.
Nobody knew that you would walk out of our life in this painful way.


I believe souls have a way of whispering to those that they care for.

Hey Creep!! Want to ask you something.
Was that you who gave me a call, I didn’t know that it was you or some paranoid illusion.
I was in my bed and was tired after a long days work. I got a call from your number, or was it just another dream?
And you asked me what was in the cup on the table!! My mom had kept tea on the table. I didn’t even know it was there cuz I was fast asleep.
I still remember that conversation we had, cuz, you were asking me about something on my table that I didn't know was there.
Oh yeah, I wouldn't call you creep anymore, err..I think I can call you Casper or something. You sure were balding out a lil.

Your phone was lost in that accident. Nobody else had our phone numbers or ID's to get in touch with us, to let us know that you had...

Manu told me later that you were on your way to collect the passport of your buddy’s sister and you met up with the accident.
You were assuring him that, you are alright when you were actually not, while being taken to hospital. That was sheer guts to smile at the
doctor, dig out the passport from the pockets of your pants and give it to Manu, and say " Give it to her, Keep it safe," give them all a big smile and then move out into the world of the unknown.
I still have your phone number in my old phone. Never felt like deleting it from the contact list.

It is odd, I know, cuz I am talking to you dead. My comrade, it is easier to talk to dead than many people I know who are well alive. Ironical, isn’t it?Trust me man, it is true.
When we gear up for the adventures without you in the caves or on the hills, someone will always comment that 'he is watchin our 6, why worry!!'

November, was when you were born, November was when you left. Winter always come cold and gray. Ain’t it? When the winter dawns, the cold old memories, somehow gets reenacted without any warning. They should be hibernating during the winters. Right?
I can imagine what kind of smart ass comment you would put down here.

Yeah and as usual, my Mom says "Hi".



Sammok said...

beautiful post.

i really cant think of what to comment. lovely reading it. :)

p.s. you are so evolving as a writer. :)

Sorcerer said...

Thank you :)

I get all ... :( on the month of NOV.

lifeshighway said...

I am so very moved. Leaving quietly.

Saadi said...

I don't know wat to comment, man!! As usual, it's a stroke of genius...and creatively beautiful!

Nice one, buddy! Nice one!

санжог said...

I bet your friend's riding a chopper in the heaven.

God bless his soul

Sorcerer said...

haha..yeah..he sure would be

i know ..its alright..

thanks for dropping by

Anonymous said...

Its always amazing the way we meet the special-someone, who gets so close to our hearts and actually changes our lives for better. But unfortunate that they are not with us all the time.
But they will always hold that special place in our hearts no matter where they are :~(

Sorcerer said...

yeah true!!

Uncommon Sense said...

man u made me pathetically sad.. and nice writing, i didnt knew u can write this kind of stuff as well

Anonymous said...

Someone special leaves us, they may never return, or come back to us somehow different.

Sorcerer said...

@uncommon sense
I do..
we know happiness through the sadness.

yeah :(

angel from heaven said...

hey sorcy a beautiful piece of writing .you have come trumps again.I loved the flow and the sentimental touches.Well written.

vineet said...

believe me its too sentimental to comment..sht mand shudnt have been died..loved it to the core...beatificaly presented

Sorcerer said...

@angel, vineet
thanks for the comment!

angelshair said...

Beautiful and very touching text!!
You made your friend being here for all of us. Thank you for sharing.

Sorcerer said...

i know.. :( and I know it deeply
thanks for the comment :)

buzzzzzzzzz... said...

sniff!! sniff!!

jingle bells!!!! ding dong said...


P.S:take this word verification while commenting,it irritates and makes us leave without commenting,not us maybe me..!!!!

Mayur said...

it takes a lot to write this way.
You are.

SindhuBhairavi said...

aaaaaaaaah i wanna cry :(

u please write something.. something silly and stupid ONLY..

this is a very touching one.. written so beautifully.. that it leaves heart heavy.. :(