Friday, October 30, 2009


It is an incident that happened some years back. That was when we had the VCR and VCP dominating the television era. That bulky dinosaur machinery is now replaced by iPod and CD players.

Why Am I telling you this?
Because this incident revolves around that prehistoric anomaly.

Arshad was our neighbor. Good guy, extra clean attitude, extra decent, silent. He is the favorite guy for all on our block. Girls run out of adjectives when they describe him. Above all he is a God fearing guy.
When we get kicked by my best buddy’s sister, she always ends her statements saying “Look at Arshad, Such a nice guy, unlike you morons. Guys should be like that. Learn from him.”
We don’t have any regrets. We are rebels and we are shamelessly proud of it. We shout, we do all nonsense things. BEEG DEAL if the other earthlings cannot take it.
One evening, we get a call from Arshad’s sister.

“Hey! We want to watch a video. Arshad is not here. Can you help us operate this stuff?”

My friend hung up the call.

“Its is her. She wants some help with the video tape player. Thank God for too many buttons on the remote control.”


As you have guessed, we never miss an opportunity to help a human in need,contrary to the popular belief that is.

We went to Arshad’s home.
The home was fully packed with females. His cousins, his aunts, his grannies, small kids, and toddlers, also some chicks from our neighborhood everybody was there at his home. If he runs for an election, he sure will win.

We kinda felt like ‘errrrrr….’ When we entered the room.

“Arshad is not here. And this tape has the recording of our relative’s wedding ceremony. So we want to watch it.”
She handed the tape to my friend.
The technical persons,(Me and My friend) was in the spotlight.
You ever had that feeling, you are being watched. We had such a feeling then.

He pushed the tape in. It’s supposed to be ‘AUTOMATIC’ (SARCASM!! Thinking about today.)

We with our awesome analytical skill found that the tape player is not connected to the television.
We set everything right and pushed the tape in again
Well!! All we could see was some faces with lots of out of focus pixels(Grains!! They call that in old days) accompanied by eerie music.

“Need to open it up and clean the tape head.” DECLARED my friend.

Arshad’s sister got us a screw driver. We opened it and cleaned the tape head with a piece of newspaper. (Wipe dirt with dirt and viola!!! It goes)

“Do you have any other tape? Can’t risk putting this video tape again. Just need to make sure that the tape head is clean.” That was an intelligent suggestion from my friend.

‘hmm….Let me check.” Said Arshad’s sister,

“Hey!! Arshad bro has got a tape in his cupboard” declared a sweet little voice. “I will go and get it.” This little girl said that and ran upstairs.

The little girl returned with a tape in her hand.
My friend looked at the unmarked tape. He pushed the video tape into the player. He was busy putting back the screws on to the player and those screws slipped and rolled under the television stand. Me and my buddy got to the task of pickin the dark lil screws from the dark granite floor.

We stood up after getting those screws and ta…daaaa!!! The room was empty. Everyone was gone. There was no one in that room. We looked at the TV Screen.

Ayayayay!!!! There was this naked man doing nasty (read: awesome) things to this naked woman. Ayayayay!!!
Someone was getting screwed while we were searching for the screws. Did you notice Irony surrounding that statement?

We switched off the television. Took the video tape back and switched off the video player.

“errr…. Should we tell them we are leaving?” I asked my friend.
“err…We are leaving.” We called out into the void room ()


We walked with our heads down till we were in clear. Actually we were hiding the huge grin on our face thinking about the aftermath of this situation, contrary to the onlookers belief that we hung our head for being in that embarassing situation.

“Arshad is gonna get screwed today. Aint it?” I asked my friend
We both nodded our head.

“Did you hear that CRASH after we left?” My friend asked me.
“That could be the tape getting floored.” I replied.


Rebels scored another point!!



Chatterbox said...

O my God! that must have been a real embarrassing moment for you and your friend.I can see how much fun you two had seeing the good your helpful attitude did in teaching Arshad a good lesson.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope to hear from you often.


Sorcerer said...

but we were most happy thinking about our buddy getting kicked.

санжог said...

Oh the sex education tape got caught! No big deal, we come from the land of Kamasutra.

It is such an irony...with a population that can tilt the earth on its axis, people still consider it a taboo.

I was wondering what happened to your friend after that!!

Aweshome Blog...buddy...need more

Sorcerer said...

@sanju education tape..
"beeg" deal ..

Saadi said...

Roflmao...I'm laughing too hard to comment ne further!!

Anonymous said...

A misfortunate fortunato fellatio?

Being Me said...

Interesting conversations, thank you for visiting my site.

DaniG said...

Loved your description of Arshad's popularity. I know people like that - with all the good adjectives used.


Uncommon Sense said...

lol.. a similar incident happend with one of our friends, we rented this porn video cassette and were watching it and power went out,, and cassette wouldnt come out,,,

Malavikka said...


Ashley said...

ROFL! I just knew it as soon as the girl ran off to get that tape! :D

Sammok said...

yeah, i knew it when the blank tape came. :) awesome post man

buzzzzzzzzz... said...

lolllllllllllzy....luv d way u write;;;cheesy!! :P

Saurabh Panshikar said...

even i guess when the untitled tape arrived!
i guess there was no sound to make you aware that your audience was leaving!

Anyways.... the good guy gets his ass kicked!


Ana Cristina Toledo said...

Thanks for visiting & commenting my blog. Come back anytime, you're welcome. I left some smiles as a gift for you and I'm also following you now. Cheers!!!