Thursday, November 26, 2009


There are some things which could really make you think in one of 'those' tangents, like if you hear a guy ask on phone..

"Is it up?"

well naturally, he is given a weird look or surprised look, depending on your orientation.
He could be a Computer Server administrator, asking his team member if the 'mail sever'( Mail Server not the Male Server) is up.

Also one of my friend got 'that' look from a person who over heard this conversation when he asked over phone, if it can be 'unzipped'.

Some of the unix commands are well, quiet 'those kind'.

Lets see

Geek:Did you execute the date?
Geek[Thinking]: He must have fucked up the system dates.No wonder its all out of sync.

Observer[Thinking]: OOh!!! Hes asking someone about his 'sexucation' with his date? How Shameless!! Okay so, someone is on date.


Geek: Can you unzip it?
Geek[Thinking] Hope the software is without error and unzippable.

Observer[Thinking]: WTF..Unzip?Now? in public? How Shameless!! Unzip on First Date?


Geek:Touch them.
Geek[Thinking]: No!!! The time stamp thing is messed up.The magic TOUCH can make the files alright.

Observer [Thinking]:Touch THEM? huh!! Touch What? Dont ever come near me with your dirty hands you evil person. Touching and clutching!!..On First Date!!

Geek:Strip it
Geek [Thinking]: Stripping will discard symbols from object files.

Observer[Thinking]:Is he gonna strip and God!! I gonna die laughing. God..please don't test me this way. Think about that poor girl on date. This is gonna be a memorable date for her.

Geek: check on init?
Geek[Thinking]: Lets kill those processes.

Observer[Thinking]: Haha.. They need someone to check if its 'in it'? I gonna present him with a tweezers and hand-lens on his next birthday.


Geek:Time to uncompress.

Geek[Thinking]: Uncompress the porn folder.wowwiee!!

Observer[Thinking]: Is he gonna fart? Is it some geek term for fart?Is that his surprise for the date.

Geek: Finger it will you?
Geek[Thinking]:That will get him the result of the login details.

Observer[Thinking]:Finger!! Did I hear FINGER?.They are moving too fast on a first date. huh!! Perverts.

Geek:expand it dude.
Geek [Thinking]: That will convert tab to spaces.

Observer[Thinking]: First the Finger..Now the Expand "it". What is that guy, a freelance gynecologist?

Geek:Mount it now
Geek [Thinking] Mounting the CD drive is a heck of a job at times.

Observer[Thinking]: "Mounting it" now. Okay. So they are really 'doing' it. Sex?The way they are headed, there's gonna be lots of smoke and fire.

Geek:fsck it
Geek [Thinking] Fsck..I need to fuck repair the file system.

Observer[Thinking]: Illiterate retard. He don't know even the spelling of fuck.Still he has a date and he is getting laid. Why did I waste my time doing, MBA?

Geek:Unmount it, lets try it on something else.

Geek [Thinking]: Let us unmount the drive and mount it in some other system.

Observer[Thinking]: What are you, some kind of guru or something? You teaching him those Positions or something?

Geek:Give it a Head?
Geek[ Thinking]: Lets put some server requests.

Observer[Thinking]: Give "it" a head, what is "it"? bloody perverts.

Geek: Better Clean it

Geek[ Thinking]: Need to make some space on my disk.

Observer[ Thinking]: Thank God!! Its over.. Geeks!! Do they even care to clean?

Geek: try Sleep
Geek [ Thinking]: OKies Unix console. Bye bye see you tomorrow

Observer[ Thinking]: Okay Pervert!! Sleep and live your f[beep]in life in wet dreams.


Unix is a very interesting thing to learn. Don't you think?



Saadi said...

Lol....even i fell fr the 'fsck' one! It wasn't until I read in the next line wat ws the whole deal really about!!

Hahahaha....freak'in awesome!! Unix is like Geek's Morse code fr sex or smthng! :p


санжог said...

The great Sorceraties spoke, and he made UNIX sexy.

Sorcerer said...


i know you are in love with unix.
Unix is the only true chick.[ says the comments]

Unix is sexy and cute and beautiful and..i can go on and on about it.
yeah stubborn too (at times)

Anonymous said...

lol :)

Saurabh Panshikar said...


I love posts with Sax & Violins!

Soon enuf you gonna be called onto Jay Leno or something...

Saurabh Panshikar said...

Need not mean you have to go ON TO Leno...... Just his SHOW.

TV SHOW!!!! lol

Just telling it like it is said...

As soon as I saw the word finger my mind was all in with the observer...
I'm not gonna lie I have a dirty mind!

Uncommon Sense said...

hey that was just so funny

Anonymous said...

where did u get those brains of urs,.......?

I dunno how on earth one could think like this.

anyway it was loads of laughs and to be honest a little of shocks.

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