Monday, October 12, 2009


It's a crazy way to wake up in the morning to the sound of your mobile phone.NO!! I am not talking about the usual, 'ALARM' feature on the mobile phone. This is something more cynical.
I believe in the theory of evolution by Mr. Charles Darwin, cuz, I have evolved my immunity to the sweet, horrific (IRONY) tone of my mobile alarm.

No matter where I keep the mobile phone, my hand always find a way to snooze it, snooze it, snooze it.. It goes on.

BUT (yes! that is a BIG BUT)

Today, Vampy one of my comrade, had a nightmare or what ever and woke up early. She must have felt bored and decided to send SPAM(Stupid Person Awout of her Mind) Text messages to chosen 5 of us.

Boinglow..Boinglow, Twoin..Twoin..Twoin...(This is how my message alert sounds like, my best effort to put it in words), the cell phone rang, announcing the first message has reached my inbox. In response I covered my head with blanket.

Boinglow..Boinglow, Twoin..Twoin..Twoin...
I put the phone under my pillow.

Boinglow..Boinglow, Twoin..Twoin..Twoin...
My conscious, woke up and opened the window, letting those cool ideas in.

Conscious: Who is sending messages? Is it important? It must be. What if you have won a NOBEL for awesome blog literature? These days, they just give away the title. What if the NOBEL committee wants to let you know the first thing in the morning? Wake up, theres a lot of money. You can buy lots of LAYS potato chips.

Dragged the phone inside the blanket, opened one eye and started reading the message.

AARRRGGH!! It read

"Hello World!!! I have woken up, entertain me."

Yes, some one wants entertainment. Just to put a cease fire to the SPAM firing, I decided to call her.

Me: Hey!! What the good morning are you doing?

Vampy: hmm...Yeah I woke up early, burned my dress while I was ironing it. Since I am superstitious I am not going to college, Being a Hotel Management student, I would burn the whole place down, may be.

Me:Good reason for not going to college.

Vampy:blah blah blah

Me:Blah Blah?

Vampy:Blah blah..Blah blah..


Vampy: Hmm..Now you are out of the point of no return on sleep, I will let you go. I need to send some more messages.

I drag myself from bed, not worrying about which side to get off. The unthinkable has already happened.Who cares if its the right side of bed or left side. Huh!


At around 9:00 Am my other friend Juggie calls me.

Juggie: Did you get messages?

Me:Yeah I got 5 of them. I think.

Juggie: I got 20 text messages from Vampy. I had woken up early, was lying in bed, my mobile was lying near me, in vibrate mode. It started vibrating, and I was thinking, its enjoying itself, ya know..vibration and things.

Me: hmm..Yeah..Yeah! You thought your mobile is having a wet dream or something?

Juggie: That is exactly my point. We should give her back something. Aint it?

Me: Yeah!! Chance favors the prepared mind.

Me: I am going to write a press release for our new movies in my blog.

Juggie: Yeah!! I will read it in your blog



Bangalore:TCS Pictures is planning to release a new movie based on a real life story of a humble man, who loves his family more than he loves his diet coke. Its a true incident happening in many families and the production house has denied any resemblance of persons in the cast to anyone living or dead or in the making.
The lead actor, who don't want to be named, said: " It is a complete family entertainer of a guy who cant entertain his family. You should all watch the movie ' QUICKIE MURGAN'. "

After the success of the super duper box office hit of "Condom of Sailesh",[In line with Quantum of Solace ] another family entertainer and a crime thriller, the whole production house is confident about the success of the new release which will happen in the fall of December 2009.



санжог said...

I think Vampy needs to de addict herself from too much Orkuting.

Can't wait for Quickie Mugran.

P.S I don't want to know why he's called that.

Sorcerer said...

Yeah!Einstien..You know me well

санжог said...

wow, ienstood it!

just want you to know I have to type "bollikin" (where does google come up with all these things) to post this comment.

I no likin no balls!! google!!

Sorcerer said...


You are soo out of control
Wash your face and go to sleep
First thing tomorrow..we kick Vampy

санжог said...

I hate to tell you this, but Vampy is a woman, and woman are too smart. I am DED sure that she'd have turned her phone off.

They can anticipate our moves faster than Gary Karsparov can do against Deep blue.

google says, Drookeye,

Sorcerer said...

Google says what? Drookeye?
aha!! captcha.. wont switch off her phone, her phone is like our old vintage car..once you turn it off..its off for ever. She wont try doing that.

санжог said...

she'' turn it silent, Lav is very smart trust me.

Saadi said...

Hahahaha...Vampy rocks!!! :D

I've done that as well to several of my friends!! :D

Sorcerer said...

man..i remember one day getting a call at 2:30 am from a buddy of mine,asking me if I could go to his home.cuz..he didnt feel like eating biscuit alone.

Madness dude..madnesss

Devika said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DD said...

wooo hooo u sooooooooo deserve that

Destiny's child... said...

Lol..Your friend is too cheeky!
Must have been as irritating as, 'Hey, are you asleep?'

Lavanya Snigdha said...

Ha... Socky... you such a douche.!!!

I have this WHOLE conversation as evidence!!

What makes you think that you could get away...

Do not underestimate the power of the HYPER! B-)

Y- yentilliegent
E- ever
R- aRound here.

susie said...

lol.. u deserved it sorcy!! :P i told ye.. ull pay double for waking me upp unceremoniously that day.. rofl rofl.. .AWESOME laba... :P

oh! n is this boring family man being played by u??

Sorcerer said...

@vampy!! Geniass.. very

gee..its just the beginning. Me and jUggie has formed an alliance.

@ DD
Well... for a week.. you are off our radar.

hmmm...yeah..crazy ppl..or Gods must be really craay

санжог said...

I told you sorcy, She packs one hell of a punch.

HA HA HA HA HA, she'd never fall for a sucker punch

angel from heaven said...

lolz how about an old fashioned alarm clock ???

Sorcerer said...

shes totally outta control.. these days.

I wish!!

Uncommon Sense said...

very interesting post.. but try to avoid the rangoli with fonts.. it makes the reading uncomfortable

Sorcerer said...

@uncommon sense
okies.Will see that.
thanks for the comment and suggestion buddy!

Saurabh Panshikar said...

Nice Stuff dude! You could try turning your phone silent if nothing works!

I usually get msgs asking "Are you awake?"
When my unconscious brains answers with a CAPITAL "NOOOOO ", they reply with "oops sorry to disturb you"

btw google says "wooks"

The Aspirant said...

well mobiles r alwaz a problem......nd nobel prize thing qute gud........
nd press release were awesum.......

nice place u hv.....


jUggie said...


Sorcerer said...

Thanks for the comment .
Yes you are right..Google captcha comes up with weird words

thanks for dropping by. :)

mission vampy in progress.aint it?

Anonymous said...

The world has evoled as one of overcommunication.

Thanks for visiting Secret Story Time! Come back often!


Anonymous said...

:D and i thought only i was warped in my head...! :D good one

Sammok said...

I am lost, though I have to say something, here it is.

What the hell is the fall of december 2009?

how did it fall? did lava trip it over?

Cheerio. :D