Thursday, October 8, 2009


I live in a country, which is culturally very diverse. There are over 17 major languages in India.Different dialects , in India number over several hundreds and the number of actual spoken languages reach over 2500.

Like the language, the taste of food also changes every 10 kms or so. To bring an order to this awesome diversity, major corporates are opening coffee shops and tea shops every 10 Kms.Good! . Thanks for them everything everywhere taste like water these days.(I rest my case of Flu, Not the swine one.)

OKay, Lets talk more sense, than this Free Geography lessons.

Me, my cousin and some of my friends, were having a heated debate. Since we are not allowed to debate inside the home, we chose the terrace.

We were discussing about balls, Football, that is. Chelsea vs Assanals.(Excuse me, I dont know the spelling of any teams other than Chelsea).

I was amazed by the way, they were debating by telling the statistics of the game, ironically most of them don't even remember the title name of the first chapter in their text books.

The intellectual brainstorming was proceeding at full swing, when one of my friend, Ullekh got a call on his mobile phone.
The discussion came to halt like, how you want to sneeze and it wont happen thingy.

His face lit up like that of a rat who had found cheese. It was his girl friend who was calling him, disturbing him, when we were, busy discussing about foot ball.Kishore, who was high on debate, snatched the phone from the hands of Ullekh and cancelled the call.
His phone had a horrible ringtone.Don't know if he had kept that exclusively for that girl.

This, started a fresh round of debates.Now, I say,this is becoming more interesting.

According to an unwritten rule, when two friends in our friend's circle pickup a verbal fight or argument, nobody should take sides. Let those contenders, fight it off or argue it off, till the adrenaline subsides.The remaining people should remain like, whut...ever.

Actually, this is a good time to listen and learn a lot of things.

1) New swear words.Swear words differ from place to place, even though in same state or county or what ever.

2) The way they position themsleves in arguement and the points in arguments.

3) For awesome intellectual outbreaks like , Go F[beep] with your tentacles.[ I googled and learnt that Octopus does that and it was a mystery for many years.]


For you to understand the argument between my friends, I am giving it below as a conversation.

Ullekh :F[beep] you.

Kishore: F[beep ] you too..

Ullekh: Why the hell did you cut the call.

Kishore: Why the hell you didn't pick the call. You have a horrible ringtone.

Ullekh :F[beep] you Idiot.

Kishore: F[beep ] your [beep]..

My Conscious: Whose gonna have their first cigar now?

They changed their oral sex to more comfortable language: Amchi Local Mallu[ Malayalam] swear words. Their awesome vocabulary in English was limited to a very few words for intimate actions and body parts. Kindergarten Kids!




Kishore:Stop it there.WHAT?..What was that you called me?


My Conscious:uh oh!!! Houston...we have a problem.

Ullekh:BEEP [ He repeated the same word again]

Kishore:WHAT was that again?

Ullekh: BEEP

Kishore: Wow!!Whats the meaning of that? My bro calls me that always when he gets angry at me. What does that mean?Tell me.

My Conscious: Hmm...somebody is getting benefited from this argument. Poor Kishore, how much he must be suffering, mentally without knowing the meaning of what his elder bro called him, unable to clear it with his elder bro, cuz they are allowed to call but not explain.

Now, Ullekh looks very much surprised and Kishore looked like a desciple, surrendering himself in front of the awesome knowledge of Ullekh- The guru.
We all had a good laugh over it. I think that was the word for the day.

Edit (dd=09/mm=10/yy=2009):

Some people asked me after reading this blog,(privately of course), What was the word?I appreciate their thirst for knowledge. The word was simple, but the way its pronounced was funny.

**The word meant the his/her becoming an autoexec.bat.(Go figure!)



Saurabh Panshikar said...

F(beep)ing gr8 post dude

most of it filled with F(beep)ing BEEPS!

and thanks for telling that tentacles are multi utility! lol

Sorcerer said...

hmm...hear hear!

Karthik said...

I wanted this post to go on for another few paragraphs, dude. F-ing awesome! Didn't know about octopuses.. F-ing great info.. :D

P.S. I wrote a post titled 'Verbal Copulation,' some time ago, which is quite in the same line. Check it out if possible.

Saadi said...

Hahahaha....awesome!!! It reminded me of the song 'Beep' by PCD! :p
Neat post, man!!
N incidentally I kne abt octopuses mating ritual..lolz, go National Geographic...or was it animal planet?!

Anonymous said...

I got to learn something from be silent & not take sides when 2 ppl argue :P

Sorcerer said...

Thanks dude.
Errr..I watch Ftv.they dont show much about the mating rituals

@yemiledu education redefined

angel from heaven said...

hee heee the silent spectator.I love ure unique posts.Great stuff.

Sorcerer said...

thank you..thank you thank you;.!

санжог said...


Sorcerer said...

ha ha..ya techie!

Sammok said...



Sorcerer said...

wow!! you got that ..easy!!
hmm..its autoexec.bat till you get a licensed version.aint it?

Shruti Mukundan said...

guess am still in kinder garden when it cums to such sophisticated lingo... need to learn up things :)

Sorcerer said...

@shruthi need to read my blog often..
its full of awesome knowledge
* I use awesome too many times in my blog.Its my blog keyword.So if anyone search for awesome on google.I want this awesome blog to come first

☥ ѕωαмι ηανєєη said...

i am one of the most argumentative persons i know ... but not a fan of curse words

I think i got what the word was :P

not 100% sure though :(

Sorcerer said...

Yeah..genius!! if you guessed it, I think you must have had a good laugh like us.I guess

susie said...

now, nobody said silence is gold for nothing.. :P roflmao

Sorcerer said...

yeah! you are right.

buzzzzzzzzz... said...

OMG!! LMAO >>>LMAO.....
m shrt of commnts...lolz .lolz. lolz....

Sorcerer said...

thanks for the comment

Uncommon Sense said...

gd to know that octopus fucks with fingers... reminds me a scene of an alien from a scary movie

you shud have written all those gaalis, blogs are made for that purpose.. to be uncensored

G.K.Menon said...

I enjoyed ur Air Gun Murugan, armed with a cigarette. Nice launch. Expect more species when I return again.

Thanks for commenting on my blog also.

Have everything nice.