Wednesday, October 28, 2009


The Omen came true. I got tagged again. When I switched on the TV today morning, I saw lion and a gazelle playing tag. Yes, the universe conspired in my favor, alchemizing the moments for this wonderful award tag brought to me by an Angel from Heaven. Let us discuss in detail how this tag works. This award comes with a beautiful icons and of course with colorful strings attached.

When any unsuspecting victim accepts this award, the award winner should write a post bragging about it, not to forget to mention the name of the 'offender' who thinks you deserve such an acclaim[really! sinners should be punished]. To force de majeure your claim, you should link back to the person who snitched on you. Next thing the victim should do is to select a minimum of 7 (S.E.V.E.N) blogs, that you could read and understand, benchmarking them on its awesomely incredible blaharoeical content or design.

If you don’t have 7 friends online who don’t have a blog, select 7 strangers (including sex offenders) and give them this awesome award. Once you have zeroed in on your 7 victims like a mosquito, leave a threat, informing them that they are the lucky winners of a cool Icon from Honest Weblog.

[ NOTE: We are NOT giving away millions of dollars from Bank of Africa.]

Now you may be wondering why I got this award and why I am giving those offenders this award. The aim is to write 10 honest thing about yourself [ I know it is hard. I meant writing 'honest' things is 'hard'.huh!!].Then pass it on to those who you want to punish.

So following this unbroken tradition passed on from time immemorial, I give thy 10 honest thingy. Before that I got to brag about the person who gave me this award. First things first.

I never believed angels could blog until I saw an angel blog. She is an awesome blogger from U.K who keys in (to) those wonderful human emotions, in its raw form.[Pst..Pst: She is an ophthalmologist.] Appreciate that even in her fast paced schedules she finds time to blog on.
Back to the hard part.


1) I never changed the wall paper, ringtone or any alert on my mobile. Once I had kept a wallpaper or ringtone, It remains like whatever forever.

2) I have programmed two web portals all by myself and it is still online.
[If you are one of those in the 'inner circle' you would know those web portals. No!! It doesn’t have naked chicks. ]

3) I believe in communication. One reason why I am still prepaid customer of Vodafone. I can talk to everything, including pressure cooker.

4) I pull up pranks on my unsuspecting friends. I am shamelessly proud about it and blog about it too.

5) I love potato chips. I have this theory that potato chips could be a solution for world hunger.

6) I prefer non veg food and non veg jokes.

7) Vampy says I am the reason why God made decafe. That pretty much sums me up.

8) I live with people who should be institutionalized for their awesome intellectual outbreak like creating backup of backk up of their porn folder.

9) I love kicking noobs in social networking site communities and discussion forums. Creating new world order that is.

10) I do pencil drawing.

I hereby declare that the above statements are true to my best knowledge and belief.

Now the moment for passing this awesome award to other bloggers. There are few in the ECF who don’t update their blog at all. I take this opportunity to tag them trying to help them to get their blog moving.




Sammok said...

zanks. i gotta tag again. jeez

p.s. : Porn was the reason why my friend needed a new hard drive. :|

Sorcerer said...


err..intro..intro..I will make sure he surrender it and become a good man..somebody gotta do it..

angel from heaven said...

thanku thanku for such witty comments re moi and of course for accepting the award and the tag.Well wrtten and executed as always!!

Sorcerer said...



санжог said...

You know i read your old posts yesterday.

I liked them..

so what do I have to do?

write 10 KWEL fings that I do?

Sorcerer said...

yeah..dats whut you should do !

Saadi said...

I prefer corn chips to potato chips!! :p

Nice post!!!

Anonymous said...

I like to see animals doing it.