Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I used to get amazed by the creative way certain people write.Effortlessly putting their words across the reader, creating a wonderland / cemetery land in the brains of the reader, giving him the goose bumps or oohh la la .

My research deep into the 'creative writing' part made me remember those things I have learned long before(Writing impositions). The Metaphors/Similes [ Seriously, I am confused what they are called].
Dear reader, this is my humble effort to become creative writer. Hope you like the metaphors/whatevernameucallit I invented.
My friend , whom I consider to be a creative writer after reading this said that " I should be in a straight jacket."

Here, I give you MY Awesome thing below.[ I meant the content given below].


  • He planted himself in his couch, the most fertile soil for his laziness.

  • His comments made her angry, words flowed from her mouth like an unclogged drainage, all dirty.

  • The surprise party, made her bling bling like a christmas tree.

  • He searched her in the crowd, like lookin at the google result page, unlucky he, she is not highlighted.

  • The thought struck him, like a stone in the delicious fried rice.

  • She was complicated like a sudoku.

  • It was raining cats and dogs from her mouth.

  • She ignored him like a sim-card that had no validity.

  • She had curves that resembled an AUDI.

  • He entered the examination hall. His mind was like a Blank DVD.

  • Time moved like a snail on a marathon run.

  • After the breakup he felt like an URL without .com

  • He was a rug rat when they made love, chewing on anything that came his way.

  • They called him a dark horse, but deep inside he felt like a zebra.

  • They ran towards each other like the sports bikes in the movie Mission Impossible.

  • It rained every evening, like nature had an OCD [ obsessesive compulsive disorder].

  • She was always right like the Murphy's lwas.

  • The idea struck him like a bug on the windsheild.

  • He had an idea,but not the resource to get it done.He felt like the man with a fish who was a vegetarian.

  • She howered over him like a cieling fan.

  • She stripped in front of him like a moth out of a cocoon. She was less hairy unlike the moth.

My inner-self says, I have accomplished something.



Karthik said...

Nice post yet again, dude. :) Very creative indeed. :)
(But almost all of them are similes, not metaphors)

Sorcerer said...

See..Similies or metahors..they work both ways

санжог said...

HA HA HA HA, really man u are surpirsing, I like your style.

I dont give a rat's arse for it to be metaphoricall smillified ironical pun.

three words.

It's just awsome.

Sorcerer said...

Thanks Guru!! Thank you..

Saadi said...

Hahahaha....nice work, man!! I lhad a good laugh on a couple of them!

Some of them are absolutely amazing...I specially like the one about the snail in a marathon and sudoko puzzle...also the blank DVD and OCD were awesome!! :D

The moth one and drainage were liek creepy....scary creepy!!

N the one about fish and zebra....pure grnius!! Loved them as well!!

Over all...nice going! ;D

untapped said...

i totally relate to the blank dvd in the examination hall

Sorcerer said...

hey..thanks buddy.
The comments are the things that keep me going.
Very happy to know that you liked it.

thanks for the comment.
do keep visiting

Shruti Mukundan said...

hey sudoku is quite fun... u call it complicated?? uh? n that blank DVD thing was awesome... very creative writing like remixed old hindi songs.. hee hee.. no just joking.. good work. keep it up :)

Sorcerer said...

Thanks for the comment :)
Anything to do with numbers is complicated for me

☥ ѕωαмι ηανєєη said...

good ones ...

the "couch" n "drainage" one were simply awesome

angel from heaven said...

Very innovative and simply unique.

Sorcerer said...

thank you..thank yu for the comment

thanks for the inspiration. :)

Krishna Nagri said...

"The thought struck him, like a stone in the delicious fried rice."

Sorcerr said...

@krishna Nagri
thank you for the comment dude :)

Sushee said...

nicely written:)."After the breakup he felt like an URL without .com" I like that..things not working out gr8 4 me so I am indeed feeling like a URL without .com..lolzz..I like I like;)
Nyways thanx for the comments and ur valuable time.cheers..

swati said...

hey that was lovely dear..i mean each one of them was just lovely!!
keep up the good work!

Sorcerer said...

Thanks for the comment :) and the inspiration for more nincompoopness

Destiny's child... said...

You have definitely accomplished something there! Amazing, I would say. Raining cats and dogs from her mouth? Did you mean she was spraying drool drops around? :D
rofl...keep up the good work! :)

Sorcerer said...

thank you for the comment.
gee..I meant all those..swear words !

Anonymous said...

hey... nice inventions... looks like u did accomplish the task of being creative...

keep writing!


Sorcerer said...

yeah..a small step for my kind..a giant leap for stupidity

Sorcerer said...

yeah..a small step for my kind..a giant leap for stupidity

DD said...

khi khi khi.....thebug on the windshield...khi khi khi....

I bow down to the Lord of Stupidity!

Lord, I want to be whole said...

I love metaphors, I very much enjoy playing with words. Thank you so much for this fun read!

Sorcerer said...

@Lord I want to be whole
Thank you visiting my blog :)

Oye!!! you are here
Thanks Disciple...

*Bless you DD...

Saurabh Panshikar said...

gr8 stuff dude!

hats off to you!

your brain is coming up with idea like crabs come out of holes during rains! lol (my contribution!)

sorcerer said...

nice one

buzzzzzzzzz... said...

to strt wid ....lol lol lol!!!
complicated as a sudoku!! luv dat!!
[al of dem r gud neways!]

Sorcerer said...


Thanks for the Buzzzz on ze blog

Anonymous said...

really original...and damn funny to read...

you have a typo...murphy's laws... :P

Satyu said...

Oh woww.. You are amazing.

when I started reading it..
I was excited and was like dis :D

then I was like.. what? :O
(Whn I read Stone thng)

I was giggling and smiling all through the post..

Horse n Zebra? :O
I read it twice.. :D

You are too gud..
Post was damn funny.. :D
Loved it.

Keep Smiling.

Im gonna read it again :D

SOrcerer said...

thanks for pointing out the error
thanks for visiting the blog and commenting..
thank you for the comments.
comments are the inspiration to come up with more

anurag said...

amazing write up!!
keep it up, and hope ur creative greycells keep developing upto hilt!!


Anonymous said...

Yes you did accomplish something!!
Very creative and intersting!
Like that DVD,google and Sim with no validity ones:)

Anonymous said...

Yes you did accomplish something!!
Very creative and intersting!
Like that DVD,google and Sim with no validity ones:)

Sorcerer said...

thanks for the comment. Its an accomplishment after all

susie said...

awesomeeeeeeeee [:d][:d]

- Sugar Cube - said...

wow..that was pretty great :-)

Sorcerer said...

thank you

thank you

Anonymous said...

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