Thursday, October 1, 2009


As, one of my fellow blogger and CEO of a blogger community,CRD.a.k.a Christo requested me, earlier in blog comment, to put up a post on quotes, created by our highly evolved brain and superior intellect+graycells; I am putting up this blog-post on *AWESOME QUOTES, by me and some of my fellow inmates.
* Patent Pending.

These quotes were scattered over the history books and many beautiful quotes were ruthlessly deleted by orkut (Read : Agent Smith and Party)or lost when inmates were moved from one social networking site to another, as they check out deleting their profiles.

This is my humble effort, to restore order (God!! What am I talking?)..errr..restore, these genius,awesome, one of a kind, blahblahblah, single lines of wisdom, oozing with creativity.


"I am an alien, left back on earth; they wanted to save fuel" - Sorcerer on sorcerer.

"All I need is a sack of potatoes and ketchup" - Sorcerer on world hunger.

"You are way above my standards of jokes" -Sorcerer on 'normal' people.

"Scandals and Sandals - Its the new way of politics" - Sorcerer on politics.

"I was excited , it spoiled my grammar"- Sorcerer on speech given at a corporate function..

We had the wall [ Rahul Dravid ] ; Now his cricket disappoints me and may I call him the 'Berlin Wall'. - Sorcerer on cricket- When asked about his views on Rahul Dravid.

"Make love Not War; Set the bed on fire , not the huts and paddy fields"-Sorcerer on War.

"When time comes of age,'Holy Cow!!' will be replaced by 'Holy Juggie !'; with all due respect to Cows"- Sorcerer on Juggie

"Before they start the debate on IPC Section 377, I want the Authorities to rename the SECTION IPC Section 377 to IPC Section 69"- Sorcerer, when asked about IPC SECTION 377

"Are you the reason why earth is tilted on its imaginary axis?" Sorcerer to Juggie

" I didn't chew all the way up the food chain to EAT THIS" - Sorcerer on vegetarian food.

"Life eej hard". - Mokey

"Kyu pila raha hai! "---- Ankit

"I am addicted to haldiram's halkapulka chips":- Asim

"Come on baby light my beedi"- Darthy

"I jst started thinking" - Asim

"Who cares for high linguistic values in a blog--its suppose to be a casual brain vomit"- Albie- when asked to check my blog for linguistic errors.


Anonymous said...

Hilarious!! Truly Awesome quotes!
And May I ask who Juggie is?

Sorcerer said...

he is my friend. a close..friend in my close friend's circle

angel from heaven said...


санжог said...

reminds me of mad old days at TCS.
Great job bro.

санжог said...
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sorcerer said...

"thank you.thank you..your inspiration make us overload our gray cells"- Sorcerer

thank you..

that goes into the history books of quotes

mk said...

look like you had made a heap of comments here!! ones buddy!!...

Sorcerer said...

thanks for the comment.

Malavikka said...

I am not able to agree that the last few sentences are quotes.
"Come on baby light my beedi" <== U call this a quote??????

Sorcerer said...

err..even i was not sure about it..
For time being i put that in quote..

*phew..that was close

Dan* said...

Lol on above comments...

awesome yaar...

Sorcerer said...

thats how the world moves..
round and round..and round.. and round..

Saurabh Panshikar said...

baby light my beedi is on the top of all time coolest bedroom quotes!

Seems like a britney spears song! lolz


Sorcerer said...


haha..thanks for that and the comment!

Shruti Mukundan said...

'i just started thinking'.. well this is one of the tag lines my close frd Ayushi uses... n i wil b like, "oh! so u did that after thinking? I wonder...." ;)

Sorcerer said...

thanks :) for the comment

Anonymous said...

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