Saturday, September 25, 2010


I thought I would start a new series "Awesome Photo" series on my blog featuring awesoming photos which is plucked and packaged at the source and 100% natural just like the boogers.



I was gazin out at the sky through my bedroom window, and I this awesome cloud formation which was shaped like a shoes! [Thanks Sanju for giving me clues on how it looks like.]
But I think its shaped kinda like a heart as seen in some movies made my Dream Works or.a floating Latino...bum bum upside down without the Latino!!.



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PA said...

Yeah looks like a heart...

farh said...


i tried imagining shoes, but it still looks like heart which is leaving a few trails here and there

Rajlakshmi said...

yeah it looks like shoe too :D
nice timing :) well captured.

Sorcerer said...

Thanks :)

Yeah.try telling that to Sanju..He has so much vivid imagination..u see

@PA said look like a shoes ;)

Wicked Witch of the West said...

Disintegrating heart :D or nice fluffy shoes for winter... Cool, love the colours, makes me want to go outside!

Sorcerer said...

Aye..bright blue sky!!

Uncommon Sense said...

This is how it looks outside ur window.. nice place u live in

Barbie Jones said...

It looks like a combination of a nice comfy recliner chair/a bird taking off in flight,free to roam with his wings expanded if you ask me.

Sorcerer said...

aye..In Kerala buddy! Green Green Keralam!

@Brabie Jones
nice mental image!

Sankoobaba said...

latino ass

Sankoobaba said...

latino ass

Wicked Witch of the West said...

Oooh cool that this is Kerala!! 3 months and I am there! Now I feel even mooore pleased with myself for booking it :D Puts me in a happy mood just looking at such colour and brightness!

Nipun said...

It surely is a heart mate!!

The one who gave u the shoe idea needs to be taught about love..:P

Awesome pic..



P. Venugopal said...

looks to me like a puppy mulling over a bone.
great view from your window.

Sorcerer said...

Yeah...Latino bum bum bum..
Viva La Latino...

Welcome to 'Keralam'.
Its green..bright and vibrant!!

yeah..Was considering sending him an e-book on Kamasutra!
I hope after that he doesnt name the cloud after some positions.
ya got my drift?

hmm...i looked and looked but seriously..didnt figure out rhe bone part.
lemme see it again

rohini said...

cloud's heart ....wonderful

Sorcerer said...

yes a heart cloud

санжог said...

I it as it is...and you
you made me work on that image?? and you did not post the one that I edited that really looked like a heart!

Thanx for making my work worth nothing!!

But like I predicted clouds can be anything you want!

Sorcerer said...

yes.. did a heart surgery on that image which I sent you..not only that you stuck Adidas logo on it claiming that its a Shoes..
Not only that you edited the image..turned it into a HOTDOG!! or..errr..hmm..Salami.

Yeah..I thought i would score some cool points for see. are welcome!
Look closer mate..its a beautiful rear of a Latino Chick!

D said...

It looks like a chubby bird or a doggy or my bean bag