Saturday, September 18, 2010


Kab:..and then she wrote me a poem.

Sorcerer:wow! thats something.

Kab:and the lines goes something like this."You lift me from the sea and together we make rain.."

Sorcerer:Hmm...Wow! Freaking water cycle!!

Kab:Dude! that was what crossed my mind too.

Sorcerer:Ya know..a better mental image would lifting her from the sea and giving  her a C.P.R.

Kab:Yeah I know..Never date a science major!

Genius:After getting his new bike, your boy friend is kinda like a Duracell Bunny..H.Y.P.E.R!!!

Berry:No..He is not a Duracell Bunny.

Sorcerer:Yeah..rrrrright..."They last long...really long"..Ain't it?


n00b:What the heck!!You people banned me again?

Mod:Hey kid! Listen, spamming is like throwing plastic in the open.Got it?

"Internet taught me that BDSM is not short for Buddhism"-Sorcerer on Internet Lingo


Shirtless_Guy:Ya know, I gave my girl friend a screw driver as Birthday present.

Sorcerer:Aha! Soo symbolic.

Shirtless_Guy:I have my way of saying things.

Sorcerer:Let's hope she doesn't give you back a nut-cracker on your birthday.

Genius:Don't browse p0rn on my machine.

Wise_Guy:Was just testing the efficiency of your anti-virus software.


Wise_guy: Need to buy a man-bag.

Genius:Don't you already have one..We call em 'sack'.



“May the source be with you.”


Loco Poco said...

Hail the King Sorcerer.The king of this world and Beyond..!:|

Sorcerer said...

@Loco Poco

Gwad!! I forgot to blog you got that name!!!
Well..well..well..there is always another blog post!

Thanks for the comment Loco Poco!

Loco Poco said...

You don't have to thank asked me to write that and I did..:p
I used to love playing with Barbies as a kid..!Time I did again..!:p:D

Sorcerer said...

so your choice
1)swim with the crocodiles
2)Dance in a tutu with the dragon?

well...welll..well..I dont speak barbs!

Loco Poco said...

I can only see a furry(cute) little bunny wearing pink shorts with yellow flowers on them..!:D

Sorcerer said...

Thats not bunny..thats a mutant crocodile doing marketing for a possible dinner!


and yeah..they dont brush their teeth..

Loco Poco said...

The cute furry bunny i'm talking about brushes twice everyday..and bathes innumerable times...hahahaha

Sorcerer said...

@loco poco
thats a terrible mental image!
Crocs come in peace!
you make the whole croc thing sound like something from power puff girls cartoon!!

Girish said...

Hilarious :D

Sorcerer said...

Thanks dude!
thanks for the comment

Rajlakshmi said...

hahaha :D
//Never date a science major!/ ROFL :D
hillarious conversations

Sorcerer said...

That was just part of the poem,*sigh.
Pavam him!

Thank you for the comment

Sakshi said...

TOTALLY Sorcy in his element!

Sorcerer said...

@sakshi ..totally!!!

Uncommon Sense said...

very funny

Sorcerer said...

@uncommon sense
Thanks for the comment.

Chanz said...

lol @ the Duracell and BDSM one..

and ofcourse the screwdriver really made me laugh hysterically

Sorcerer said...

a few more months and my buddy will surely get his b'day gift! said...

Sorcy, thanks for the good laughter you provide !!!

Sorcerer said...
:) my pleazure!!!

P. Venugopal said...

"You lift me from the sea and together we make rain.."
Beautiful line! Who is this poetess? She must be a meteorologist, not a mere science major.