Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Yeah!! Surprise!! Aint it?
I R Back!!
August was kinda very busy month with Onam and lot of traveling!

Wiseguy:Hey!! Let's cook chicken today!

Genius:Yeah!! Hey!! classic doubt..Where exactly did the chicken come from?
WIseguy:Classic answer!! from an egg.

Genius:Classic question again!! Where exactly did the egg come from?

Wiseguy:Once we get the chicken..I am gonna show you exactly where it came from!!


"I can't sleep because my head is snoring"-Sorcerer on a sleepless night


Sorcerer: ...and solar storm is gonna fry almost everything electric and any electron that breathes or that moves..


Sorcerer:Don't know ...things could get worse, to sum it up, all communication will get affected..face-book wall could be replaced with toilet wall..where you leave message to your loved ones..just like in good old school and college days!


Poornima: I think you're smart..

- 23:10 -

Sorcerer : is attacking spelled with 2 't' or one

Sorcerer : like tt or t.I mean I don't really care!I just want that moron to get started on spelling and all.. I mean what difference is it gonna make anyway once we start to n00b him!

Poornima : and you make it disappear poof* in a second.


Genius: Is there any difference in the meaning between making love and making out!

Sorcerer:Errr In making out..I guess someone's in a hurry.

"Soon...I will have enough words to start a world war!!"-Sorcerer on Spanish Lessons!


Buzz: dat's y i support communism

Sorcerer : COMMUNISM?
Sorcerer : in India..the word "commies"(As in communist) is derived from the word COMICS, I in Kerala!



P. Venugopal said...

Back with a bang!!!
How dumb Poornima should be! To tell you she 'thinks' you are smart!!!

Sorcerer said...

She actually told me..
in her exact words
"Please dont put the conversation on your blog..cuz..People will think Iam so dumb!!"

That became soo true!!

Yeah! I R Back!

♥ Chocolate lover ♥ said...

hahaha awesome sorcy :D

and welcome back!! :D

Tara said...

welcome back !! waiting to read more of sorcy stuff ..

Sorcerer said...

@chocolate lover,Tara
nice to see you people back
Thank you for the comment

Chanz said...

I don't know about you or Poornima being dumb(Ref. Venugppal's comment), but the Genius is definitely dumb..

Aditya said...

Welcome back bro!

//Genius: Is there any difference in the meaning between making love and making out!

Sorcerer:Errr In making out..I guess someone's in a hurry.//

This is a genius line!

Sakshi said...

Back With a BANG! Bang ON! :)

Sorcerer said...


Nice to see the usual suspects back on tbe blog!!
Excuse the expression.I meant my fellow bloggers!
Thanks for the comment


Barbie Jones said...

I don't get it about making out.But I do know that in the 50's making love did not mean having sex,but it was more about making out in an innocent sort of way,sort of a man flirting and complimenting a lady and I got that right out of the horses mouth,which is much to my liking.I don't like people sneaking through the back door at night like wolves in sheep clothing.I like at all times to be prepared for a visitor too unless I count he/she a part of my family of course,I don't want to end up with a medical bill because of the shock of the surprise,lol.

sulagna ™ said...

come on gtalk..i would love to share my views with you :)

P. Venugopal said...

so she knew she would be taken for dumb? it means she is not dumb afterall, should be very sharp. that's great!!!
do you converse among you people like this all the time?
we all missed reading you on the blog for some time.

Sorcerer said...

hahaha..Self Confidence..I would say!
Yeah.almost all the time..we converse like this.
Will be regular from now on!

hahaha..I really would like to hear your views!

@Barbie Jones
thanks for the comment

Uncommon Sense said...

welcome welcome

Anonymous said...


Sorcerer said...

Thank you buddy! How was your Onam?

Thank you :)

susie said...

lol lol

Sorcerer said...

do u know Poornima>?