Monday, October 4, 2010


Some Linux Wall papers I made for


Thank you Hassasin for the eye pic of D.
Thank you D for staying awake in the class. [D!!.....Do notice the sarcasm surrounding the statement].

Thanks Timon for posing for the last wallpaper!



D said...

u know wat? the pic was taken AFTER class... I wasn't awake in class. so ya :P

Sorcerer said...

@ D
Always a nice back bencher! Yeah..I should have never break the rules!!

Sumi said... bak after a loong loong time...
nice sketches dude, liked d second one especially

Sam said...

Those sketches were done by you, right?

Sorcerer said...

yeah..its the sketches I made..remixed with adobe potatochops.

@Sam old post..revisited!!!

buzzzzzzzzz... said...

OMG SUMI!!!????
i lyk timone!!!

P. Venugopal said...

beautiful. sorcy can't help making people laugh even over such a post!!

Sorcerer said...

thanks :)

OMG!!! SUMI!!!!
Yes Timon....You only!
Nope.."You ARE lyk Timone"..except that you eat vegetarian bugs!

Sumi said...

why is buzzzzzz oh-my-god- ing on me? and why you? :O

rohini said...

Hats off...too good...

Sorcerer said...

Hey Sumi...Meet Sumi..err..I mean Buzz..
Hey Sumi..I mean Buzz...Meet Sumi..err..I mean Sumi..

Fuzzy Logic
All Sumi is not Buzz
Some Buzz can be Sumi
Not All Buzz are Sumi

Hence proved
Ya know Sumi!!! This is how TIMON works..create confusion..havoc etc and then..move along under some shady tree, sit there and watch the action.

In my Opinion, the OMG was used when Timone a.k.a buzz a.k.a sumi saw another sumi on my blog.

Seriously, she believes that she is all alone on this planet..Trust me even I think it is true..pst..pst..they actually dumped her (Timione) on this planet and walked away at night..they even must have crossed a stream of water to throw them off the scent.
That be my best guess.

Anyway..Thanks for stopping at input is valuable in my devious plan to take over this world!

Yeah..Adobe Potatochops..awesomer software

The cost of enterprise mobility solutions said...

The third has a sexy and gloomy look..i loved it..

Sorcerer said...

@The Cost Of Enterprise Mobility Solutions
Nice to know that you liked it.
It's The Need For Speed Girl!!