Monday, September 14, 2009


He watched as 'They' moved from shop to shop.

He felt 'them' to be like a group of 'Barbarian chics', movin from street to street, giggling and talkin in strange language; It was always a strange language for him, he never understood what his teenage son said on the phone to his friends at times.
like.."ssup dwag?" or "ya comin to ma hood hommie?" or "iam soo Mezzzed"

"Whatever"- he thought.

He quickened his steps, to catch up with them-shadowin them.

His job was to extent a safe perimeter around the 'RABBIT'- which happened to be the "Lead Girl" of the group.
That was the mission he was on for now, under the orders from her dad, who is a prominent industrialist.
"Was it because she had an affair, long before and her parents took too much effort in convincing her to marry this new guy who owned a yatch and things?"
"Was this something to do with business rivalry?"

Both ways!!

Asking unnecessary questions was not one of his virtue.His experience in this 'Specific' industry had taught him when to talk and not to talk.


Dear reader, I am in no position to disclose any name/detail on whom he was following(They call it 'bona fides') .It was under that condition that he allowed me to blog about this.I hope you can understand my position on this.

The "Girl" leading the group was, getting married in next two days and there was quiet a need for her family to put her under watch for the better of 'everyone else' and for 'her', not to give their business competitiors one of those 'EKTA KAPOOR Episode moments'.

He gave a sigh of relief as the Innova pulled into the mansion.Now the girl was safe at her home.

He spoke into the microphone embedded on his shirt collar- it was a call to 'CASUALS'.
"That was walk in the park, aint it boys?.Good job today."
He wanted to give his legs a good rest. It was not easy shadowin someone.He loved that art; according to him,it's an art.


The day of marriage,arrived.

He had briefed all his operatives, gave them specific instructions on what to do and what not to do.
Humans; they are very complex.Humans with power backed by greed, know that they can manipulate out of any sins.This situation made him aware that, everyone..everyone is a potential threat.The 'RABBIT' included; as the whole marriage was against her wish. He should be very careful, not to bring any disappointments in his career.
He was busy, very busy, escorting prominent personalities to and from airports and hotels to the venue.
His brain was plotting and planning every 'EVENT' to its last details.

At every half an hour, he was getting the SITREPs and he was happy with what his 'POINTS' were reporting. He had "EYE's on all prominent persons and locations who were calling in every 5 minutes.

He was happy with the way everything was working.


The marriage function was at its final stage.
His final job was to provide close cover for the array of vehicles- the Groom Party while they take the 'Rabbit' home-happily married.

He called the 'CLOSE PROTECTION OFFICERS' and briefed them. Every one was in position.
He called up his 'POINTS' at the designated route and was discussing the situation with them.

As he was talkin on his phone, he saw 'RABBIT', ever so beautiful , step out of her home, holding her hand was a smart young chap; he saw his men creating a virtual perimeter around 'RABBIT and her family.

She hugged her dad, her mom, and those unknown faces in a small group
There was mixed emotions on everyones face. Her dad was misty eyed, so was her mom.
She stepped towards her dad.Opened her little handbag, took out something and gave to her dad.
For a moment, the spymaster saw a flash of happiness across her dad's face.
The face of groom was saddened a bit or was it deeply saddened?

What was "that", they exchanged?




angel from heaven said...

ha ha dad was happy but the groom ??lolz

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The Vitruvian Boy said...

The groom must have hired some eyes...
Sad he was too late to realize...

hope he doesnt have to sell his yachts to pay the credit card loans.... :D

Nice one..
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Aparajita Bhattacharya said...

Nice one. But like I said, "chic" is French for stylish and it's pronounced "shick". Single syllable.

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