Tuesday, September 22, 2009


The minutes of the CLAN meet happened on 21st September 2009


Juggie:Hey Lav, Take lots of cash from the counter.You are giving us the treat.


Sorc:Yeah! Don't disappoint him, he even brushed his teeth today.

[Laugh Track here]
[Laugh track of the cute chic who happened to overhear this conversation and started lol]

She had a pretty smile.Don't you think Lav?


LOCATION:Transit-Forum Mall

We were sippin on cola and was seriously talkin about 'Mallu Politics" when we recieved a message from DD[Devious Dee].

SMS from DD:Guess what you guys! I met a celebrity on my flight.You know K.J Yesudas, the Singer.I dropped my handbag and he took it and gave it to me..I was like..(1)Baaahaawaaa..Speechless..My mom came over and rescued me from the 'Situation'

Me and Juggie though happy, that she met the celebrity; wanted to play down the situation.
We replied.

SMS Reply: Yawn!!

SMS from DD: Dude..He is a well known Celebrity and..God..It was awesome..OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG..

SMS Reply:Gee...So many OMG's , reading your message is like reading an Erotica.

SMS from DD:Eff You.

(1)Baaahaawaaa: I didnt' get D.D online to clarify what was the meaning of 'Baaahaawaaa'.But according to the analysis report churned out by my braincells;I think it is a state of ya know Baaahaawaaa or speechlessness when you are very surprised, where you open your mouth and your tongue behaves in a totally strange way,where you feel like you are talkin but nothing comes out other than some strange prehistoric syllables and strange noises.


Soon our conversation took a turn for GOOD and we were talking about Computers and stuffs.

Athreya:Err..Lav..Whats the configuration?

LAV:I don't know,I mean..girls are not supposed to know the configurations.

Sorcerer:Or May be lav..Girls should say ...36-26-38?



It happened on a peaceful sunny Sunday afternoon.I called up Susie,a.k.a Nidhi and guess what, she was about to take her afternoon nap.God!!while we were sitting soo bored nothing to do, sleep not on our radar... ,our friend taking a Nap?

Sorcerer:So you going to sleep?

Susie:Yeah..just feeling sleepy,so going to take good nap.

Sorcerer:Gee..Alright..Sleep well

Sorcerer:Hmmm...What should we do?

Conscious:Sleeping in the afternoon is not a good habit.Don't you think.

Sorcerer:Errr..That would be a good explanation later.Do you have scientific evidence to prove that fact?

Conscious:Scientific evidence?Do you believe that?huh! First they say..Pluto is a planet..Then they sa, it is not.I mean..You still want 'Scientific evidence' to save your skin?

Sorcerer:Skin?err..that hold me in one piece.But guess what..lets line up some calls for susie.

Conscious:SMART BOY!!


I dialed Juggie

Sorcerer:Hey Juggie!!Ya know..Susie aint soundin good.Shes sounds soo..out of tune(Sure would be, when you feeling soo sleepy,I didn't tell Juggie that.Left it for his imagination).

Juggie:What happened?Anything..Shes a bubbly gurl always..What happened?

Sorcerer:Don't know.You know her better than me.You both been friends long before me.

Juggie:Yeah,I will call her now.


Conscious:HAHA!!(Evil laugh)Good one.

Sorcerer:Thank you comrade.Aint you proud o me?

Conscious:Very much.The aura around you is now orange.

Juggie messages me after his call to Susie : "NICE ONE..NICE TACTIC"

They say success is like narcotic.
Sure is, in my case


I dialed TOM CAT A.k.a KYATO
He didnt pick the call, but after some time he calls back

KYATO:Hey dude.What happened?

Sorcerer:Susie, shes sounds not okay.

KYATO:Okay.I will call her up.

He cuts the call before, I could say anything more.


Sorcerer:That was easy!!Isnt that what we wanted Mr.Conscious?

Conscious:Yeah!! sure.Now lets take a nap peacefully.

Sorcerer:Yes ofcourse.I am feeling soo fulfilled.

Conscious:I know..I know...


After 5 hours.

Sorcerer:Hope you had a good sleep.


Sorcerer:What?Woke up on the wrong side of bed?



angel from heaven said...

lolz another mental post!!seriously what planet are you living on sorcy, your posts are so unique!!!

Sorcerer said...

thank you for ze comment.
Err..Dont know which planet.
pst..pst..I dink iam a martian.My parents lfet me here cuz..they wanna save money on fuel.

санжог said...

so that expains the kick in your royal derrier.

санжог said...

the superior sex always wins...u got to learn sorcy....

Susie got back to you without a sweat

Sorcerer said...

Yeah..the Mafia connection dude.
in other words..Juggie got a soft heart

mk said...

now I am not making head or tail out of conversation..

seriously u right some good stuff but we really have think a lot to make a theme out of it!

Garima Bhatia said...

shea..this was toooo cynical and skanky of you.but fun m sure :)
Poor Girl!

I like the way you convey a blog on chats..

Sorcerer said...

hmmm...Its part of conversations

Thanks for the comment

Alishah said...

i like you blog its really interesting.............. (subcribed)

Sorcerer said...

Thank you for visiting my blog

karthik said...

Damn man! That was awesome!
Especially the SMS thing.. lol... :P
Keep writing!

Sorcerer said...

Thank you and keep those comments comming

susie said...

u din write the complete truth.. U GOT KICKED.... *angry look...

Shruti Mukundan said...

poor girl.. must have learnt a good lesson of not informing anyone before going to sleep :)

Sorcerer said...

Muaahaahhaaa..Its just the beginning susie...Just the beginning

Naa..WE have our spies..

Sammok said...


Pulling fast ones and all.

Arjun M said...

you dunno the later part of it...

KYATO calls suzie and she cuts the call.

He calls again and she switches it off.

He calls back sorcy and he's going BWAHAHAHA.

He beep-beeps at sorcy and hangs up.

Ten mins later he dials juggie and asks f he's willing to fall for the suzie-feeling-low trick...


Sorcerer said...


by the time you call him..he had already played the part on my trick..
la la l al alaaaaa


yeah yeah..you are on my radar!!

KrystalKitty. said...

The hostile chick in her 20's might just be escorting her husband her dad's age, for all you know,it's a clever idea to abort the mission,you never know what she might do.It puts me in mind the ALL MALE ROOSTER COCK in the chicken coup at my granddad's farm,what a character,I had to condend with,in him as I tried to collect the eggs the hens laid.

All he did was guard the chicks and have sex with the hens and OH I guess he cuckOLDed when the morning came up.