Sunday, September 27, 2009


Dear Reader,

This blog post is about my 'SELF INTRODUCTION'; which I gave in a bloggers community, I joined, called '' a networking community for bloggers from India and abroad.

This is what I posted in there.I found it soo dumb, sooo like me.You know, I like to share it with like minded people.So I am sharing it with you.(*phew)


Arshad,Thank you, comrade, for giving me this wonderful opportunity for "Self Introduction".

[You will soon find out, why most of them, deny me this 'awesome' chance.]

Myself Sorcerer , A Mallu (Keralite) by default, another Gladiator(Slave is prehistoric term) chained in the 'CORPORATE COLOSSEUM", my graycells wired to the bowels of an enormous monster, feedin itself on data chewed by the process cycles, and fattening itself on my calorie, shamelessly of course.

For those who didn't get it(Read:Humans with Low IQ..err like me...Happy?), I am another IT professional, who has successfully survived 2 'Core dump' by the economy, now in Bangalore,Karnataka ,waging war against digital creatures.

Apart from me doing, the retrospection and introspection on anything that comes into my 'innocent mind', surviving the daily high-speed travel at 1.8 times the speed of light(Thats what the people said lookin through telescope), on this tiny speck of dot called earth, through the universe -

-I read...Yeah I read books and God Father is the bible; The Alchemist is my 'Feel Good Book'. I do pencil drawin-leeel bit, listen to music, watch TV-animated movies being my faveeeee thing.(yeah!! some made me cry too!), Surf the internet, Bug people with weird stories, and yeah I cook(See how effortlessly, I have put that I am 'single').I love carbon-based forms, especially those who call themselves humans.Cuz-

Its fun observing them,
Blogging about them,
sitting a great deal away from them.

(It kinda rhymed/rapped!!)

I took into blogging as a, self initiated rehab program, to spout, the inner feelings to the deep and dark void of the internet; thus saving my fellow mates from being beaten up with toilet-seat(Sanju..If you are here & reading this,excuse my expression) and the society from ,vicious attack of the 'weird kind/mind' or both which ever is higher on the 'scale of insanity'.

Mostly my blog posts are about , incidents that happened in my life, conversations that are memorable. I cherish conversations, cuz I believe in its power.

Someone said "A single conversation across the table with a wise person/Sorcerer is worth a month's study of books/Playboy mag."

Lemme end my self propulsion here with this speech

"I have a dream that one day the bloggers will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed.

I have a dream that bloggers will one day live in a world where they will not be judged by the color of their skin or the layout of their blogs but by the content of their blog.

I have a dream that every individual in the world gets to spout his insanity at the darkness and the void of this internet world .

I have a dream, every nutcase in the world gets to spout his nonsense,

I have a dream, every weirdo gets to blubber incoherence into the chaos,

I have a dream, every psycho gets to shower his insanity on squirming targets,

I have a dream, no body stops dirty minds from working coz they might be the only ones working,

I have a dream,all us crazies make our own homepages away from oppresion and tyranny..."

Thank you... Thank you to one and all..



санжог said...

man, suddenly u seem to grow up..

your intro,my friend....Hats off...24 gun salutes...

The best of the best of the best said in MIB part1 but more emphatic

and thanx for mentioning my toilet seat.

Sorcerer said...

thank you for ze comment

Dan* said...

wow was an awesome introduction ;-)

you and i have some similar dreams :-D

Sorcerer said...

good.lets join hands
they say..birds of same feather..poop together

Vinayak said...

cool introduction

angel from heaven said...

Superb into,well captured n wit and humour.

Sorcerer said...

thank you for the comment

I think; I will get more chances to introduce myself

Har!sH said...


Sorcerer said...

Thank you for the comment

Karthik said...

An awesome post yet again. You must be famous among your friends for your one liners. :)
Now who could have thought and modified that sentence, "A single conversation across the table with a wise person/Sorcerer is worth a month's study of books/Playboy mag."
You are damn creative.
Thoroughly enjoyed the post. Keep 'em coming. :)
Cheerios! ;)

Sorcerer said...

:) thanks for the comment dude.
nice to know that you liked it.

Anonymous said...

Hey! This is the cooled intro i ever read!!!
I liked your speech on blogging-dreams! :~D the most.

This is the first post I read in your blog and Gosh I am truly amazed that you keep the tempo of humor from the first line to the last word in your every blog-post intact :~)

And Yeah! I am following your blog too!

Sorcerer said...

thanks for the comment.
and yeah..iam honored to have another follower.

masmasika said...

Interesting and humorous. Good blog if you got a headache.

Sorcerer said...

Thanks for the comment!

Sushila Chamling said...

Coolest Introduction someone could ever work;)
Oh Btw Thanx for the comment.

Sorcerer said...

thank you..for the comment

Anonymous said...

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