Friday, July 9, 2010


Don't let the years kill the kid in you!!!

Sorcerer: Hi Guys!! Whats the conversation about?

Wiseguy: Nothing much...just small talks.

Sorcerer: Huh!! Stop talking about your genitals


Genius:My friend, also a client, from Italy is coming over to Bangalore!!

Sorcerer:Does she come with sub titles?

Wiseguy: That explains the Italian Dictionary in the cupboard.


Wiseguy:Hmmm..Messi is faster..

Genius:C'mon...No one can run faster than my nose!.


Online_Buddy:My code ain't working!! I need a break!!

Sorcerer:I can spare a few!! Here..Take this " ; "


Lost_Chick:My cousin  got into Bachelors in journalism..

Wiseguy: So you gonna gift her new shoes?

Sorcerer:I think, just like they offer Laptops for some courses, they would soon give out shoes with Mass Media courses.I see business potential boys!!

Genius:My Girl has weird way of punishing me..

Wiseguy:Like...taking you along for shopping..

Genius:Naa..she mixed up all my CD's.

Wiseguy: That's too much!


"God was doodling when he made octopus"- Sorcerer on Octopus "Paul"



chitra said...

Hello Sorci
Long time no see. Good work there. Calvin and Hobbes my son's fav. Showed him your sketch.:)

Sorcerer said...

Yeah..kinda very busy these days..schedules are quiet chaotic.and on top of it..planning to take a break and travel to kerala for a few days.

yeah C& my fav too.
Thank you for the comment

Aparna said...

cute sketch!

loved the journalist and the small talk one

mantiz said...

awesome post as usual.. n the C&H sketch pwns! ;)

Chanz said...

eeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwww on the messi one... yuccckkkkkkk...

And i knew that there would be something on Paul for sure.. intuition, u see.. :P

Barbie Jones said...

Is there a reason why you think you will fall and break something,Sorcy?

Anonymous said...

I just love C&H and yes ur sketches too :) and the talks lol!!

Sorceer said...

Thank you for the comment

@Barbie jones.
Naa..I have fallen down enough to learn not to fall down again.

yeah..there could be something on the intution line.

thanks buddy..C&H cartoon strips are my fav..and they rwak.


Thank you for the comment..

Barbie Jones said...

Like I say once burned,twice shy,there ain't anybody gonna me Shanghai.

Rishi said...


wonderful sketch

Loshini said...

lolx at the first dialogue :D

Sorcerer said...

Thanks for the comment

Thank you buddy for the comment

siji said...

calvin n hardly eva grow outta em! love em!!mwah!:)

Sorcerer said...

Thank you..C&H Rwaks!!Rwaking rwaks of rwaks!

farh said...


this one is amazing!

brings back old memories :)

good old tcs days . . .