Saturday, July 3, 2010




Barbie Jones said...

She looks the spitting image of a guy I know except for 2 things.

Barbie Jones said...

Oh!Yeah,and the hair.Now I know how he looks with gobs of make up on,thanks for that information.

stefy said...

Yea...she looks manly... but good work

Sam said...

sexy sketch

Sorcerer said...

yeah..She is one of the rare female character in the Game Two Worlds.

Well..She is an action naturally..ahe would be bold and that's sexy.

@Barbie Jones
Thanks for the comment

Chanz said...

she looks weird from the face... seeing the above comments, i think manly is the word... maybe..

Anonymous said...

I Think she's hot!
Lips Is Sexy....
Eyes beautiful....
Not to mention the twos.

GhostScriptWriters said...

Practice by drawing things large, as if equal in representation and reality. In small drawings every large weakness is easily hidden; in the large, the smallest weakness is easily seen.

Hari Nandakumar

The Bald Guy said...

Sexy sexy sexy!

Barbie Jones said...

TBG I think Sorcy has got a thing for
exactly that bod like you.I don't know about the head though,maybe it's his own minus the goatee,lol.That's definitely his sexy lips of that I'm sure.

Sorcerer said...

Thank you!

thanks for the comment

hmm...ithrem budhi aa C kku eduthittundenkil..ennu njan alochikku ka ayirunnu.

Onnum angattu theleenilla llo bhagavathee..


Anonymous said...

hilaaa.. wats happened to u?? only girls these day?? huh.. huh.. bolo bolo :P

Sorcerer said...

haha..yeah...a few girls in a row.

:)will come back with more!~

Anonymous said...

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