Wednesday, June 2, 2010


"This world was not meant for me, but there are others, and I will find my place just as you have found yours... Be free now Prince, your journey is at an end. "



Kaileena (also known as the Empress of Time) is the main antagonist in Warrior Within and a protagonist in The Two Thrones. She is a love interest of the Prince, and is known for her small amount of clothing within the gamers circle!! [Muaahahahahaha!!]



GhOsT sCrIpT wRiTeR said...

Ha ha ha Me first!!!!!Awesome pic.Hats of SORSCO

Sorcerer said...

ippo full time..netil..Enjay!! alle?.
Pavam aircel Free Sim kodukkumbol ithrem angatteu nireechittu undavilla.


3rd nu alle C#...Chittoor Kavil pushpanjaliyum, payasavum paranjille..Adu mathi.

Atleast payasam enkilum kudikkalo..alle?

GhOsT sCrIpT wRiTeR said...

Venna Azhuthiduven

Queenmatrai said...

Now she's HOT...even for a queen.

Sorcerer said...


Sam said...

Kudos to you !!!

sulagna ™ said...

ohhh...can we build a lil more on the cleavage please..lets make her a raunchy queen of times !! hein?? can we??

♥ Chocolate lover ♥ said...

ohhhhhhhhhh AWESOME!! O.O

DiDo said...

soczz ur talented man...:O awesomeeeeeeeeee ...wot a sketch....wowwwww

Shayon said...

Oye, do you remember the 'Warrior Princess' who had arrived in the prelude and ending of the 'Sand of Time'? She had two real bad ass swords in her hand. The fuckers didn't feature her in the PoP movie!

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

I think she has more clothes on than Shahdee.

Or is it that u prefer Kaileena and the male protectiveness makes u draw her more clothed ???? HEeeee heeee heee

$.RYN.$ said...

hahaha...nice story, ur gf?

Sorcerer said...

ha ha..nope..shes the princess from P.O.P.Hope you know.
Thanks for the comment

yeah..It's that Shes a princess she can afford more clothes.ha ha.
other than that Shahdee is a character brought in to seduce and kill.
Thanks for the comment

yeah..they always do that..the movie people take the theme from the game and then screw it all royally..Its the same shit happened to Maxpayne.
Thanks for the comment

thanks for the comment..

@chocolate lover

Thanks for the comment.

We aint talking about kingfisher Calendar models here..are we?

oh..please..She has the ISO standard for cleavege for a princess..and,,I want people to see all other parts i drew..

Raunchy Queen of times....hmmm...lets seee...All you need to do is..have a few shots of vodka..come back to the blog and see it again!!

thanks for the comment buddy!!

Sankoobaba said...

yeh kaisa naam hai??

Sorcerer said...


thats what happens when east meets west!!!

thanks for the comment buddy!

Sorcerer said...


thats what happens when east meets west!!!

thanks for the comment buddy!

Mr.Poo said...

Wow, she's hot. Can you please draw her with less clothes :)

Oxymoron said...

awesome sketch man.....she looks sexy...i must admit i am really impressed by her sense of style....

Sakshi said...

OMFG- You are awesome with your sketches dude... WOW am a fan... :)


really bad with history...but wht u wrote nd shared kept me intressted...frst tim on ur cre

Rajlakshmi said...

lovely sketch... some one seems to be obsessed with POP :P

Rajlakshmi said...

lovely sketch... some one seems to be obsessed with POP :P

Sorcerer said...

Yeah! Its one of the coolest game I have come across..Nice graphics..nice story line.

@Broken Star neither..I sleep during history classes.
Thanks for dropping by and the comment

Hey!! long seee.
thanks for the comment.

Yeah!! The gaming world rwaks!!

I was wondering where you vanished!nice to see you back online..
hmm..your request..would be considered in a short while.
thanks for the comment

Prameela said...

Amazing sketches! Do you have these sketches pinned to your room wall....will help you sleep well (pun intended)

Sorcerer said...


hahaha..not really!!
thanks for the comment

The Bald Guy said...

Small amount of clothing? She's all dressed up bro! Especially where it matters!

You need some issues of play boy before you sketch the next time.


Sorcerer said...

hmm..yeah yeah!! shes all dressed up especially where it matters!

yeah..i agree..want my mail address?

Old copies accepted too!!

P. Venugopal said...

difficult to choose between the croft lady and kaileena...croft lady is sexier, but kaileena beats her for poise and elegance.

Sorcerer said...

Shes the princess!:) elegance is the middle name..