Thursday, June 10, 2010


Nariko-Heavenly Sword


Been a long time since I posted some conversations..thought, I would post some today.

My status message for GTalk was : "Only thing I got straight in life is my sexual orientation"-Sorcerer

Juggie: Good morning Straight one.

Sorcerer: Errr... We call it morning wood!

Well!! I say, that's how KICK start the morning!

Poornima: Do you think..I am retard?

Sorcerer:No!! You are just special.


Santhu considers him to be a smart drinker. Unlike other unfortunate n00bs who is into the habit of 'consuming' alcohol and getting caught at home for 'consuming' alcohol; Santhu is the smart guy. One of his camouflage is to swallow Pudni Hara pills, after getting drunk.

Santhu celebrated his after_Exam_party with lot of enthusiasm and alcohol and pickle. It was getting too late.. He walks home..He just wanted to reach home, get to his cozy bed and sleep.He trotted along the highway, like a nocturnal moth moving in random direction.
Santhu wakes up from his bed, comes down and sees his dad in Kathivesham

His dad begins to interrogate him.

His_Dad:So since when you started drinking?

Santhu:Never..Never..I didn't drink at all. [Denial...outright denial]

His_Dad:Don't tell me that..I know everything.Yesterday you came home drunk.

Santhu:Noo!! I didn't

His_Dad:Yes you did!!
His_Mom:Yes !! you did!!

Santhu: Who told you all this? Ya know dad..I got political enemies at college..They are trying to malign my name.

His_Dad: Hmm..done with all the Bullshitting?

Santhu:Tell me!! Who said that to you..tell me...Tell me..who is it?

His_Dad:Yesterday came home and slept on the steps to our home.Today morning..We saw you sleeping on the steps..I carried you to your bed.

Santhu:*gulp *faints

Wiseguy: Dude!! She was getting on me too much and I lost control. and...I just exploded.

Sorcerer:Sounds like script from some porn flick!

Genius:Even it occurred to me when he said that.



Barbie Jones said...

Don't think I don't know what you are up to with this post,you know some women have a weakness and you are playing on it.

Sorcerer said...

Even I am wondering along that line!!!
I tink I should give a hard look at it..
Thanks for the enlightenment

Barbie Jones said...

Errr.Bell is ringing.

♥ Chocolate lover ♥ said...

awesome sketch o.o

and lololol>> gtalk's status :D :D :D

The Bald Guy said...

Retard, Special! LMAO! Nice sketch, but not one that would make Sulagna happy! Haha! :P

sulagna ™ said...

Note to TBG :ohhh i complimented him on the picture, infact he has some even hotter pics which i have encouraged him to put..i knew men like you and sorci would love to see half clad warrior women..especially ones which have thinsg popping outa their iron vests :P

and "explode" who uses such words anyways???

Sorcerer said...

Hmm..things poppoing out of iron vest...hmm.... errr?
hmmm... Afghan porn artists...use such words.

yeah..i know...i knw..haha

@chocolate lover
thank you

Where is the bell totally!!!?

Queenmatrai said...

I lurve her hair :D


Sorcerer said...


санжог said...

you did a good job on this one...the attention to details.

She's even got a camel toe.

Sorcerer said...

Attention to details..MR Watson...Attention to details..
and Cemel Toe? been looking deep under the hood eh matey?

P. Venugopal said...

didn't feel happy with the santhu story climax.
the moth image superb.

Sorcerer said...


thank you for the comment

Pratik Gupta said...

Amazing sketch...specially the hairs :)