Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Sruthi:*Picks up the book from the floor and gives to 'De guy'

De Guy:Thanks dork

Sruthi:What? DORK? Don't you know how to respect girls?

De Guy:Err..I treat them equal.

Sruthi:So, YOU are telling that you are a dork

De Guy:Thanks for acknowledging

Sanju: was busy

Sorcerer: i know..i Know

Sanju:I work work work

Sorcerer: we will meet some place, i can understand MR.SLAVE

Sanju: i am going to gate crash at your place some time

Sorcerer: you have become slave of Mr.Time,you trade time for money

Sanju: I get SEX,who is lucky now

Sorcerer:Score 1-0
.. all crap.

Sorcerer:A wise man never argues with a female- Confucius.

Sooozie:He never said that; okay..I get it, its your way of saying you dont wanna argue because you are wise

Sorcerer:blah blah blah,,yada..yada..yada..

[Arguement continues]


Dame: Is the flood control work, done?

me: err..its done.wanna know if it works and it stops raining once the work is done..Damn!
I could have had many biryanis and awesome things with that money

Dame: but you did what needed to be done

me: conscious thinks biryani is still better

Gurl: duh
let's play Q and A

me: yeah yeah ,journlist's fave game ,ask me..grill me
12:50 PM

Gurl: be honest, ok?

me: kinda,Err..You are the boss

Gurl: so whom do u want to date?
12:51 PM

me: Angelia Jolly and Jennifer Lopez at the same time

Gurl: bwahahahahaha

me: c'mon...

Gurl: what?

me: why didja laugh?
12:52 PM

Gurl: nothing

me: next question please

Gurl:ur turn to ask me ,we take turns

me: jeez..
so whom do u want to date?

12:53 PM

Gurl:why do u have to ask me my question? that's against the rules

me: Not fair,You make the game, you make the rules and get all good questions,
12:54 PM



Dame Folle said...

Wickidly ingenious!
luuuuurrrrrvvv this post (For narcissistic reajuns)

C R D said...

the last conversation was fun.

the rest...i dunno wat to say :O


Sorcerer said...

@CRD were."errr..."

was it..

Adisha said...

:)) Truly have no words :)) :p

Dame Folle said...

I think its for the weirdly intelligent only.

cutestangel said...

I am speech less each and every conversation is so unique!!!

The Vitruvian Boy said...

last one was a cracker..... :D

Also the score one....

buzzzzzzzzz... said...

wat!!!! ur humour cells on hol???
jus 1 lollly conversation....u fyn ???
i lyk d confucius 1.

Shruti Mukundan said...

last one was certainly best of lot... do u keep thinking abt wat to put on blog each time u talk to sumone???

Sorcerer said...

thanks for the comments

naa..dont make it up.
just types them as we chat
lots of looney friends..ya see

Manjari Singh said...

hahah funny!

Aparajita Bhattacharya (Administrator) said...

The last conversation indeed was fun. "You make the game, you make the rules and get all good questions"! Crazy!

alishah said...

yup it is craxy converstation

Anonymous said...

Witty converstions....

KrystalKitty. said...

Dah, power,women rule over men nowadays,I am glad you have come to understand that finlly,one would think you were alive in the 60's when men were in charge nd women stayed home to take care of hubby-children-home and the family stayed intact.