Thursday, August 20, 2009


:Errr...ever had that feeling..where you kinda feel something heavy on the inside, and feel all suffocated..and...?

Berry: hmm.. its gonna get better..dont worry,just dont think about anything depressing..alright?!


[2 hrs later ]


Berry:Hey!! you alright buddy..No depression and things!..hmm?

Sorcerer: Nahh!! that was just GAS.ya know what those junk food can do at times.

Berry: :-|


Guy 1:So, ya know, I stay away from these bonds of love.

Guy 2:Yeah,Its kinda pain in the ass.
Sorcerer:Rrrrrrright!!Only for the gay ones.

[ Here there be silence ]


Guy 1[Over phone in BMTC bus ]:DId you try it out?Can you unzip now?

*The guy sittin in front of him gives him 'the look' startled.

Guy 1:errrrr.............Winzip .............thing...



DD:Why don't you update your blog these days?

Sorcerer : *sigh!![Dramatic Pause] Yeah! Thinkin of writing something intersting.Kinda busy these days and when you need to write; ya know we gotta create an empty space inside the head for all the characters and stuffs.

DD:Eeeeeheeehee...Ya need to create empty space?Aint it empty always?

Sorcerer : I saw that comming.

*High decibel muaaahahaha laugh in high pitch


Guy 1:[*Takes some cosmetic,looks at the label and reads] Not tested on animals. sure, you want to take the chance?

[ Here there be silence ]



Aparajita Bhattacharya (Administrator) said...

Hilarious, as always. =D Best was the "can you unzip now" thing. =D

Sorcerer said...

ya knw..we laughed out loud after de bordin the bus

buzzzzzzzzz... said...

tat "unzip" convo.......

mantiz said...

dude.. this stuff is hysterical! get oublished, seriously! :)

санжог said...

LMAO, Where do u get this stuff from dude?

Sorcerer said...

thank you for the comment and happy to know that you liked the conv.

ya know..i had to google the meaning of "oublished".and had to guess that you meant 'published' ya think there could be publishers who are loco?

thanks ya man. ya know where I get these stuffs..You wrote that in my orkut testimonial

The Vitruvian Boy said...

As always.... The BEST.... :)

susie said...

awesomeee... hilarious!!! :D

Sorcerer said...

thanks for ze comments