Saturday, August 22, 2009


It was a lazy midsummer afternoon.

Everyone was fighting hard the Oculomotor nerve from shutting down the shutters.
I was sitting waaaaaay behind all the geniuses of the project group, with my partner(*Gulp..drool..droool) on a PC and trying to fix the loose ends of the source code.

My project partner, not the computer but a real girl(who ever read my blog on 'FIRST LOVE' may misunderstand),ya know, those Latino kinds,desi version (1.0,Build 1982-84).

The part of "Working Contract" with her was, since she is allergic to coding,

1)I would do the coding and she would do all the documentation by herself.
2) She would not yawn when we are doin project after lunch .
3) Would allow me to play the First Round of 'Solitaire' (eFfin windows game) without fight.
4) Allow me to check my emails first without naggin me every t-30 secs, like in un terminated loop.

Everyone was pooling on to the single D.B Server available in the lab; results of our queries would come after a long wait. We loved that long wait cuz that’s when we efficiently multitask between email,chat,game.

The whole lab was filled with 'click and clacks'. No one was really interested in any activity that could burn a few extra calories.
I logged on to my email account and was checkin my mails. It all begins with one click right? Soon after takin a small bypass I was on what they call "INFORMATION SUPER HIGHWAY" speedin and changing clicks rapidly on every turn and winds.

My project partner moved closer, [ *gulp_drool_drool_func(1)]

A lazy, very lazy afternoon is getting more and more function calls.

The S.O.P -SAVE FROM TILT (Standard Operation Procedures) began to auto activate.

  • Call Function func_Override_gulp_drool()
  • Call Function func_Stop_Acting_Weired()
  • Call Function func_say_something_funny(void)
  • Call Function func_No_pickuplines()
  • Call Function func_SHUT_UP()
  • Call Function func_BEHAVE()
"EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKK............" said my project partner and jumped out her chair, she was standing with her eyes+mouth wide open and was standing like a statue, pointin at

Esc Esc Esc Esc...

The click and clacks of the lab stopped. Everyone turned their head to look at us.
Their tired eyes gleaming in anticipation and with that stupid grin on their faces.

The lab in charge came towards our system, on the double(See..No afternoon fatigue now!).

"What" He asked her
"Look, Its." she said still pointing towards me

"oh!Yeah..Its big and its got lil hair on it"

By now almost everyone had gotten out of their chair and rushed towards the spot.

"Will it bite?" asked someone from the crowd.
"No..Its harmless.Shoo it away with a textbook" replied some voice in the crowd.

"I am sorry, I am arachnophobic", said my project partner, much for my relief.

There on the CPU near to my leg was a real spider (not the Google ones)who had crawled out to take an afternoon walk may be.


"Its really not funny when a girl points at you and Screammmmmmmmmmmmsss on top of her lungs, even though you smell nice."-Sorcerer



admin said...

that sounded a little naughty. HA HA HA HA. Nice work

Vinayak said...

cool blog
keep it up

Aparajita Bhattacharya (Administrator) said...

Ha Ha Ha! Nice experience, huh, Sorcy? =D

susie said...

mwahahahhahaha loved the write up! and i thought u actually drooled and she pointed at u and yewwwwwwwed!!! [:P]

psst: i know thats too much to expect frm u though! /)

Sorcerer said...

thanks for the comment mate
me plead innocent
yeah..weird experience that was
thanks buddy for the comment

SIZZLING SWATI said... I loved it... funny indeed!!! :P

Garima Bhatia said...

hehe..I liked the function calls.. :P
hah! you found girls could be verry weird. All the best for more experiences..
Looking forward for more till your project ends :)

Nova Quahog said...





Sorcerer said...

yeah! I understood that in a weird way

thanks for the comment.

I qoute the "BLABLABLUMBERMERG!" thing