Monday, February 16, 2009

< SLIP >

This conversation happened with one of my close buddies. He confused a word with something else and...

Caller: Hey Sorcy, Are you free?

Me: Yeah! Why?

Caller: Need to go to the dentist.I can't eat anything.Its bleeding kinda from the gums.

Me:Wow! had breakfast? Ya kow what I had?


Me:I really dont have any issues.You can really shout.

Caller:Its damn pain dude.Just come over to my home.We go together.

Me:Wow! Would like to see them torture you.How can I miss that? You are my FREEEND.

Caller:Naa..They will seduce me.I wont know any pain.Wont they?

[Gotcha!!! Yes! poor guy slip of tongue..Seduce!! WHAT? okay I mean..he intended SEDATE. ]

Me:Wow! Interesting.Yeah they would seduce you.But..lemme tell ya.Play "hard to get! " Boot Up..Soldier.

Caller:What you mean?

Me:Run around the clinic.Let them chase you.Give them those looks.

Caller:Why?I am not a kid to act like that

Me: They don't seduce kids anyway.

Caller: What? 

[ Here there be silence ]

Caller : See, I hate needles and I dont want me to make the whole world know I am in the clinic.I hope they sedate me.

[ Damn! Enlightment..too soon? ]

Me: *Sigh! Yeah I will be right there with ya in say 20 mins.



Comfortably Numb said...

Lmao. Was the dentist a 'He' or a 'She' ? Seduce :|


cutestangel said...

lolz looks like ure friend is crazy like you!! hee heeee

Sorcerer said...

@comfortably numb
luckily its a she for him


hmm... you dont kow..seriously..we cant live without insanity

Anonymous said...

another crazy convo by another of ur crazy frnd !!! u r crazy beyong hope neway :P

sowmyaaggarwal said...


cutestangel said...

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

cutestangel said...

oh and 1 more
"There has never been any great genius without a spice of madness"

Sorcerer said...

we call ourselves GENIASS.

there should be a nobel for insanity

buzzzzzzzzz... said...

luv d craze!!! keep postin ,,ur posts make me lol head out!!

PSYCHO said...

oh my
seduction at the clinic
apt name for a cheap porno

Sorcerer said...

@psycho porno..
Gee.thought the doc titles are selling like hot err..yeah cakes


thanks for the comment

Adisha said...


That's too funny. Hope your friend's tooth is fine now though :)


Gopalakrishnan said...

Ah! can't stop laughing..
did you go to his house munching a bubblegum.. That would've been gr8.

Sorcerer said...

wow! never occoured to me.

theres always a next time


Asha Tampa said...

Heh... You've got a great sense of humor :)

Adisha said...

Lollzzz.. Nice one UNKILLLL...


Shruti Mukundan said...

lolzz.. that was an interesting convo. gives a lesson - think twice befor speaking :)

Ash D said...

Damn your friend! Why did he get enlightened so soon! :D

Anonymous said...

lolz.. i guess u r more naughty then him :D
i hope his teeth escaped from "SEDUCTION"