Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Sometimes, during our gtalk conversations things can go pretty, well, weired!
I got this buddy of mine, call sign, Darthy and he pinged me on gtalk.
I thought I would talk to him like a COP!
And the whole conversation rapped and wrapped.


*Switches on the Siren and chases Darthy's Maseratti.
*Speaks into the microphone.

errr!! CenterI got a 10-39 in progress at M19, I am on 10-88.
Need a 10-14 on A Red maserati Seven, One, Seven, Three, O,Lima, Niner
Request 10-85, Over

*Pull over sir, Pull over yer car!! 

Where ya heading over speeding, in red maserati
Breaking rules, and dodging traffic like a snippy
Ya broke outta zoo or ya going to loo?
Don't gimme that snub dork, I am talkin to you.

Yo buster, u put ur mouth in da holster
step aside quick or ya pants will fester
ma mama can beat ur godamm sista
aint no good blocking ma tv yo blister"

Oh! I see that, you got Tee Vee
Ya watching D.V.D of Pammy and Lee?
I saw ya talking - laughin, over de phone.
Whome ya calling, while driving, watching the porn?

I saw yo stoppin me wheels, miles away
gotta head for the crib and porn u say?
I talk to me lawyer while yo stopped my way
and stop tightenin yo belt, dats so gay"

You have the right to remain, silent snigger,
dig yer I.D and make it double quicker,
Hey Look at ya, you wearing too much metal
Peace Pendent, rings, and hippie penchant.

Yo what are u bub,a police or a snobber
this hippy pendants is my lucky clover
now let me know the charges u shower
or git lost and go play cops and robber"

You jumped two traffic signals when it was read.
Took and U turn in front of "FREDS"
Hit a mail box on the 16th Cross.
You know these chargers are ofcourse so very Gross.

In thing homie, in thing top rated
ya sure,I did it an never retaliated
road killed a man, hez now belated
poor buster,his dumps never been dated

Step out of the car sir, walk the line,
I wanna try and see, if you, behave sane.
Lemme see sir, if you can, touch your nose.
and Spell A, B, to Zee without verbose.

This fool, aint gonna let me lose
unless rich green paper I now produce
an he gets me, busted, for drug abuse
da hood member, aint never to confuse

Hey Don't do that, don't step on the gas.
Turn off the engine and move out yer ass.
Don't make me use my loaded baretta
You will ruin the virgins and holy Valhalla


Sorcerer: Haha!! lol dude..that rapped!

Darthy: yo homie fan! ya ya its good shit dawg

sorcerer: Ya  this conversation gonna be blawged.



GAYATHRI said...

cool one:p

lavanya snigdha said...

lol...!!! you guys are crazy... that was like half hippy-indie and RAP talk...



Sorcerer said...

yeah hommie..yeah
we are crzy bunch
the Tee cofee Sutta Bunch
all on the same bench

lav the vampy i think iam bitten by some Rap Bug!!

Woaaww! would be fun when mom calls me over phone .
Cant wait!

Anonymous said...

You are too good !!! love reading ur blog !!!

Vinod said...

cop+rap=crap :P

SPECTRUM said...

all hail next eminem and 50 cents!

cool one!

Sorcerer said...

hey darthy..
seems like we raped the rap!

Arush Mittal said...

dats a nice rap mate! ;)

cheers! :)

C R D said...

LOL!! dude...both of u were that bored??? :P


Sorcerer said...

Bored!! we are never bored..
when the B starts to call O,R,E and D just SMS and yeah..I get my dose of insanity

cutestangel said...

interesting post ,I love the script and the concept you have used.Very Original.

buzzzzzzzzz... said...

dude!! kool rap ..hw cud ya talk so intellignt

Sorcerer said...


Yeah! i take that as compliment,
ha ha

Anonymous said...

Man, I totally agree on that.

There's way too many suckers out there that can't grasp.

In fact, I was arguing with my best friend jon yesterday about this, and
they wouldn't admit to me that he was wrong. Now I can just show them your blog :)