Friday, February 13, 2009



Darthy: how does one tune a guitar?
Sent at 1:33 PM on Friday

sorcerer: Yeah.It's an art , they say..I mean the manuscripts I read about it. As per that documents  ther's this little round, usually ,thing below the guitar (depands on how you position the guitar with respect to your position) and you turn it,gently tweak it, between your fingers, screwing it in clock wise or anti clock wise position...random I mean slowly...Make sure you don't apply too much pressure on it and then the.....  guitar......gently weeps.

Darthy: rotfl!!!

sorcerer: Perv...Oi  Va'avoi Li! (Oh My God), when will people take everything in the right sense!

sorcerer: I mean..I read about it in ... that for "How to Play Guitar for DUMMIES".
Never got hands on a guitar as yet. You can also google it up.

Darthy: :'D

sorcerer: should I put that in blog?

Darthy: yes yes!!!!!!



Gopalakrishnan said...


This is the second of your conversations I'm reading. It's interesting. Come on! Come out! Conversations are for philos who have much more to offer!

Sorcerer said...


Anonymous said...

LOzzz !!! My ever smile box !!!!

Sorcerer said...

gee thanks

Vinod said...

the yes...yes YES sounds a lil orgasmic :|

Sorcerer said...


You Are making it look like more perv!

Amrutha said...


Man, your blog always makes me lol.

btw..whose Darthy?
does he have a blog?

cutestangel said...

rolf hee hee you are just soo funny!!Where do you getthe inspiration to write such topics ??

buzzzzzzzzz... said...

lolly lolly.....wat 2 write!!

Sorcerer said...

gee..rhetorical quechen

Thanks for reading blog people

Vinod said...

pervert :P hmmmm since i said the "yes yes" u must understand we are part of the pervertism cult [:P]

kunal said...

Nice post Sorcerer,
cant stop myself from smiling..
you really have cool conversations in ur blog..

~ kunal

farh said...

tsk tsk tsk :P