Monday, February 2, 2009


My friend Jaycee, ( I call her Dolphin as she loves beaches) is gonna celebrate her birthday next month and my buddies (E.C.F Comrades) were having a discussion about what to send her as a gift. Finally!!!

This is an excerpt from the gtalk conversation I had with my friend regarding this

lavanya: :D sooo...what you diding?

sorcerer: nothing diding.Bugged jaycee and now she aint talking to me as always. Giving her rebooting time!

lavanya: *sigh. poor you

lavanya: juggie and me were talking

sorcerer: juggie.was online.I know.
seems like he logged off now

lavanya: yea...on the phone..

sorcerer: okies..anything special :)

lavanya: and he goes like..."let's shipment sorci and send him as a buday gift to jaycee..."
*okay... l said that

sorcerer: errrrrrrrr

sorcerer: does her bday falls on the same date as halloween?

lavanya: :-|

its in march!!!

sorcerer: ooouch
what are we supposed to send her?

lavanya: you

sorcerer: about a ball..dolphin loves ball
Me?You poeple gonna send me?

lavanya: yea you!!

sorcerer: I am not fat..I dont have too much flesh for the Cannibal Dolphin.

lavanya: we'll give you food and all...

sorcerer: whats the deal

lavanya: all you got to do is sit in the box

sorcerer: how much will i get?

lavanya: don't make a sound

sorcerer: fill my mouth with food and I promise I wont make a sound.

lavanya: oh come on!!!! what's money between friends eh?

sorcerer: yeah. you read my mind!.I prefer BONDS and Stock Options.
shares of Google, Arcelor Mittal etc

lavanya: yea... sure! loads of food....
oh sorci!
such materialistic thoughts!
think of all the personal satisfaction!!!

sorcerer: I mean..what am I supposed to say..when she opens the box
"Merry Christmas?"
"personal satisfaction" is there a catch in it?

lavanya: what catch can you see eh!?
say "tadaaaan! surprise!!!"

sorcerer: "satisfaction"

lavanya: and then give her a hug and say "happy birthday!!!"

sorcerer: errrrrrrrr..... should I brush my teeth before I say that
HUG! wow! I love hugging dolphins
Though never done before :(

lavanya: yea well... there's always a first time to things...
even things like...
you know...

sorcerer: what if she hugs my neck too tight?
Ii dont know... but " first times" sounds like intersting topic.. temme more!

lavanya: no no...
what hugging necks?
all right!
we shift you
smuggling a person across...
this ought to be fun!!!!

sorcerer: yeah..they do that in coffin with hidden in Robert Lodlum Novel

lavanya: er... woa...

sorcerer: How will I get back here after the hugging episode?

lavanya: er... don't you wanna stay with her?

sorcerer: Err..With a cannibal Dolphin? I mean.... will I get a return ticket? Well..excuse me out of National Carrier (Airlines)..I prefer to swim in that case.

lavanya: ohkie...
get your papers ready

sorcerer: what papers!

lavanya: we need you off and boarded

sorcerer: whats the box made off?
wood with cushion on the inside fitted with an XBox and posters of Salma Hayek, Eva Mendes etc
Need Wifi Internet connection
an AC
and a laptop and mobile charging ports

lavanya: :-|
why don't we lift your house and put in the ship?

sorcerer: and I need Calvin and Hobbes comics+ refrigerator with Vodka and Beer
errrrrrr!! is that a tall order..i know this is one of those "special missions"
and I need my script of what I should say and I should do when she opens the box
every word I say would attract 50$s and words repeated at a 10% discount

lavanya: all right... forget it!
we are gonna send Hrithik

sorcerer: okay I can cut down on posters. I can always google them anyway.

lavanya: what?!
with 50$
and interest?!?!
you are getting a chick!
what more?!

sorcerer: Chic? shes a dolphin..Alright?
and should I punch her like that in " surprise boxes" ?

lavanya: no... its her buday....
you should try be good..
for one day

sorcerer: okay.okay, Just for oneday. Its a sacrifice! *sighs

lavanya: and then you could do as you please

sorcerer: No evil evils thoughts

[Quote]  and then you could do as you please [Unquote]
* i need that statement explained.

lavanya: er... just what l said

sorcerer: I deliver the "HAPPEEE BIRTHDAY" and then sink back into the box slowly ? there anything else I should do to make it SPECIAL?

lavanya: make it special!
she your friend no?
make it nice!!!

sorcerer: yeah! hmmm..yeah we would play Need For Speed together
or Kungfu Fighting video game
then I can buy her lemonade
sing her a song(ba ba black sheep)

lavanya: yea!
she's gonna love it!

sorcerer: Cool! okay after will I get back to Bangalore?

lavanya: why would you want to?!
its like paradise there on Philippines.

sorcerer: so its like what they call "suicide mission" in paradise? wow! will I get angels?

lavanya: you got jaycee

sorcerer: will they tell me bedtime stories?

geee! yeah..I forgot about the Birthday Girl.

lavanya: she will
l guess
want me to ask her?

sorcerer: yeah..go ahead ask her..Jaycee is  online..and I bugged her to the core 1 hour ago
if she explodes at you.."Its not covered under the insurance , provided you are warned before hand" and  I will categorically deny any damge physical or mental there by arising upon.

lavanya: oh..

Sent at 3:03 PM on Monday

lavanya: l don't think she likes the idea much...

sorcerer: why? She aint liking the idea of sendin me across? My sacrifice for a friend?

lavanya: erm....
you don't wanna know...

sorcerer: I wanna know

-- Lavanya gives me the conversation between her and Jaycee --


lavanya:hey jay...important quechen

Jaycee: shoot

lavanya: If we deport sorci... and send him to your country as a buday gift would you read him bedtime stories?

Jaycee: is this a gift to him or a punishment to me?
I mean, what have I done???

lavanya: well...
we don't want him
so we thought you would like that

Jaycee:I appreciate the thought but I  would move my brithday if that was my bday gift

hold on to the thought please...
l have to contact my head office


sorcerer: ROFLMAO!!!!

This is going to the blog



Gopalakrishnan said...

Interesting chat. Especially the beer and vodka piece. Nice post.


cutestangel said...

lolz u are too funny!!

sowmyaaggarwal said...

oh my god! lol

nice chat. i liked ut wishes of the wooden box and blah blah..

Anonymous said...

and I need Calvin and Hobbes comics+ refrigerator with Vodka and Beer
errrrrrr!! is that a tall order..i know this is one of those "special missions"
and I need my script of what I should say and I should do when she opens the box
every word I say would attract 50$s and words repeated at a 10% discount

gosh !! where do u come up wd such ideas ?? n i must say, ur frnds r no less funny !! pointers to their blogs please ...

Siren said...

wow i think the box sounds nicer than my apartment. Just Kidding! Well at least now you don't have to worry about going. Very Funny.

sorcerer said...

thanks for the comments
yeah! we are the weired herd!

ganny said...
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ganny said...

We should design and build one of those boxes you mentioned.

beer+tv+video games+internet=win!!

buzzzzzzzzz... said...

oh ma gross!!!! tat was funny!! lol lol lol....lollin fits..kee!.

Anser Resna said...

seeems goood !!! Jassie Gift can do smething chellam

or avial group
is that yankee lang or septic english wanna know

Shruti Mukundan said...

hey that was a nice n refreshing one.. ;) seems like everyone is despo to just parcel u off to some place!!

Sorcerer said...

yeah! my hobbies include buggin people till they cry out and run around!

Aparajita Bhattacharya (Administrator) said...

Wonderful post. Must say both you and your friends have a really good sense of humor. And oh, my best friend is like you and I'm like Jaycee; he's always getting on my nerves and I'm always getting pissed off!

P.S. I love Calvin and Hobbes too.

Sorcerer said...


hey! yeah..we live in a time wrap called "temporary insanity"

thanks for the comment mate

KrystalKitty. said...

Whew!Cannibal Dolphin sounds quite scary to this shakin'little Kitty Kat.Is she as fierce as I imagine her to be?I mean, what weapons does one need if I were to encounter her?