Saturday, February 21, 2009


Kids say the Darnest things!
The other day, I was walking home, a perfect evening. There were three cute chics who are my neighbours walking behind me.

I heard a pefect SHRILL from top of the terrace adjucent to my building.
"Sh[Beep]" - I thought.
I stopped shocked by what I was hearing.What was I hearing?
" UNKIL? "
"A bachelor guy, who looks younger, smarter..... should hear this...What did I do to deserve this Good Lord?
"Don't they know words like "Dude", "Bro" etc etc

As if that was not enough , one cute lil girly pie called out " Blue shirt Uncle, can you throw up the ball please" in her pleasing, screeching, squeeking, high pitched voice.

Conscious:Don't wait too long..pounce on the ball and throw it up to them.Else...
Dont you think Mr Conscious that it should me made a law that KIDS SHOULD NOT PLAY ON TERRACE.
Huh! Why do they call all girls ..DEEDEEE (Hindi for sister) and guys get called UNKIL?

Today was an awesome Day!
I made perfectly new Sign Tag for me.

*Juggie you can use it too.

RED QUEEN: I called you mean! I want the credit for it.

I refuse to be vicitmized by notion of virtuos behaviour red queen!


cutestangel said...

hey unkil you have agreat post here!!lolz!!!!1heeeheee

Sorcerer said...

truth is always errr... unkly

Asha Tampa said...

Heh.. Nice post, Unkil! Wanted to be the first to call u that, but I see cutestangel has already done the honors :P

Nice one!

Sorcerer said...

I think kids do that on purpose cuz...they look at people who has got more height and feel like SHRIMPS.
so I suppose its their EGO
well.. a bachelor guy like me
* see How effortlessly I put that Iam a bachelor guy!

getting called that..
they need capital punishment

cutestangel said...

hee hee sorcy unkil at least they didnt call you gramps!!(granpa)

Sorcerer said...


[here there be silence]

lavanya snigdha said...


poor Unkil lives next to a girl's hostel and they call him Unkil... Doomsday approaching! :P

Sorcerer said...

NOt the GURLS!!
its the small microscopic kids who play on the terrace.

cutestangel said...

hey sorcy of all the blogs I check out I must say yours wins hands down on humour and wit!You are tooo funny!!!
I always leave after reading this blog with a big grin on my face!!

love it keep it up when is the next installment????

Anonymous said...

this one was good one dude !!

Sorcerer said...

thank you cute angel and pretty me for the comments..

sowmyaaggarwal said...

hahahaahahaa the post is funny, the comments are funnier lol, u got caught unkil! ROFL !

one confession :

u know, people [both microscopic and macroscopic tidde (little grasshoppers)] call me auntie, useless chaps.

When i was in class 9, a guy in class 2 called me auntie, "auntie, please call abhinav (my younger brother)" !!!

now i am in college 4th year, god knows, for how many people i am auntie now !

Arun George said...

That's a good one man!!!

Gopalakrishnan said...

Touche! It was a good post Dude(uncle)!

ArUn raFi said...

hey enjoyed reading the post,even more the comments that followed u have the whole blogosphere calling u unkil.
wat a foolish old hag u are :)
no offence bro :)
here was this guy with a stud of a blog and had this blog called evils fury..tht sounded occult..and tough..
and one post changed it all :)
now its
nice read.thanks to all those who have commented also..

Sorcerer said...



what the world says.I dont care.
Iam just what I am.


somebody call me UNKIL aint gonna make me an UNKIL..dude..

Theres this saying "Someones opinion about you should not become your reality."

well.that here suits in a weird way!

Young..alive and Kickin!and HuuuuuNGRY!!!(now)

Peace out!

Shruti Mukundan said...

lolzz... loved d post n al the more the comments. damn humorous unkil ;) (i tht of putting it since al r doing)


hahahah..we gurls are indeed lucky to have this Deeds (didi) thingy for our defense.. N you got called uncle... :P

Great going.. :D

Loved the post sir.. :D