Thursday, December 11, 2008


Well...Usually my chat conversations are filled with high doses of insanity with my insane buddies.

Confession:I didnt get any thing to blog on! So I am putting a part of my chat conversation I had with my equally insane comrade.

Well..we were discussing about blogs and the new world order, I casually asked him to blog on something related to mafios.
And in an instant....he transmorgified into a Sicilian and was talking in a  different tongue.

Vinod: deep rasping voice "some day! gonzales and that day may never come! bless jesus! i may  call upon u to do favor for me! until that day! take this as a gift from a sicilian father"

(man in tuxedo gives a magnum)

"grazie del padrino" (kisses hand)

(wears fedora and goes out of office)
he leaves wearin his pin stripe coat
l ights a cuban churchil and smokes out a ring
 gets into his sedan black 1924

Vinod:  "cio sporca basterdito, i'll get him" he'll say as he drives a car near to another car at the gas station and takes out his tommy gun, gleaming bronze in the evening 20s sun!
"rubbed him out for sure"

Me:  ha ha well. i know its something cool,,err the dialogues

Me: i didnt get the meaning anyway

Vinod: basterdito must be easy to get :D

Me: yes..they are same everywhere aint it?
Vinod: lol!  ya
de nada means dont mention it
grazie means thanks
bella caio means good bye

Me: I thought..  bella caio meant "let me see your belly "
Vinod: ROTFL!!!!



Darth Vin Ode said...

ai caramba!!!!!!!!!! :O

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha !!!!!

ganny said...

nice one sorci.. nice one..

shefali said...

kool.....u got a unique way of putting ur thoughts across...keep it up......