Thursday, December 11, 2008


Just when I was about to go for my lunch today, my friend appeared on gtalk chat . Been a long time I had talked to him and yeah, there was nothing unusual about this conversation.

underddoogg is online.

underddoogg: I m linuxed now

underddoogg: he he he he

sorcerer: oh.I thought you were seduced

underddoogg: it is seducing

sorcerer: naaa,its not

underddoogg: the enligtenment

sorcerer: ubantu ?chee chee chee ,ay ay ay, wassup? Other than the libido?

underddoogg: nofing,u dont like ubantu?

sorcerer: Well..its like my ex gf,looks cool,but lack games.

underddoogg: well i got dual boot for that ,windows for playing games and rest in ubantu.

sorcerer: Yes.thats what I was talking,You need two and its cheating.



Anonymous said...

awesome !!!!!! loved it !!

Alisha said...

hehehhe...cheating eh.. :P


ganny said...

you cheat with virtual box??

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

lol cheat....:-) enjoyed it

Anonymous said...

i want ubuntu!

Anonymous said...

heh! thats a cool for the looks and one for the games. n i aint talkin bout the OSs :-P

Tina said...

lol....the best part abt ur convo is that ur nick names / screen names make ur convo sound so damn serious..u knw like those gangster kinda feel