Monday, December 15, 2008


Last Sunday, my buddies visited my home. It was the usual crazy Sunday in the making.
Food, music and games!

One of my buddy badly wanted to celebrate the Sunday a bit more 'seriously' and made plans to get some beer.
Enough to make him silent and sob listening to Himesh's Song's on his mobile and say every 30 second "I am feeling it in my heart..aawww!."

( Its funny how people react to alcohol !)

So my friend Ganesh and Arun took up the mission and went to get the potion.
Arun is actually the one who makes all the plans and when it comes to fund raising,he is found racing.

Let's spare him on the grounds of the recent recession and bad economics.

Then off goes Arun booting up and taking his antique head gear, and raced down stairs to get his bike.

Ganesh who always sees the future without cookies noticed that Arun has "forgotten" his wallet on the table.
Ganesh took Arun's "forgotten" wallet, hiding a smile, feeling happy, planning to outwit him when he says "OOPS!! I forgot my wallet!!" and hurried downstairs.


After 20 mins they were back with the goodies, Ganesh still had a smile on his face, but a very different one.err..Something like those you find in the Garfield Comic Strip.

As per the information they filed with us.

Both went to the shop to get the beer and as the bill came, Arun stood expression less.

Ganesh surprised him by taking Arun's wallet from his pocket and opening it to pay the bill.
But to Ganesh's surprise Arun's wallet was empty.
Arun said "You know why I left it at Sorci's home now?". I didn't want to add weight and reduce the mileage.

They exchanged glances which we could imagine. Ganesh said he smiled with his teeth gritting as he had already used up his PLAN A now and handed back Arun's wallet.
Arun expressed his whole hearted thanks with an innocent child's like smile.


Well.... Its what we call "Real Surprise."



Abinaya said...

lol..hilarious! :) :)

Anonymous said...

ur every post is so fun !!!

THE HUB said...

Life is Fun!Aint it?
Insanely funny at times!

Anonymous said...

i love ur posts they are very funny nice to read them enjoy life to maxxxx keep blogging!!!!

Anonymous said...

still the same header pic !!

C R D said...

hehe. he mustve felt like a real popat:d

Anonymous said...

but but but I missed something, how did they pay for the goodies then??

Sorcerer said...

My sane buddy Ganesh had the cash.

More insanity comin up live on

Prajwala said...

ha ha ha... poor Ganesh! :P

cutestangel said...

lols this is soo funny, you have a smart friend.

Saw ure blog link in orkut so paid you a visit.

Sorcerer said...

Thank you everyone for the comments