Tuesday, December 9, 2008


"There are never enough hours in the days of a queen, and her nights have too many. "- Said her highness Cleopatra.
"Yes your highness, " I replied yawning royally.
Ooh that nose. Damn Antony was right about her description, his words rang in my ears.

"For her beauty, was in itself not altogether incomparable, nor such as to strike those who saw her; but converse with her had an irresistible charm, and her presence, combined with the persuasiveness of her discourse and the character which was somehow diffused about her behaviour towards others, had something stimulating about it. There was sweetness also in the tones of her voice; and her tongue, like an instrument of many strings, she could readily turn to whatever language she pleased."

A smile crept across my face " Her tongue...like an instrument of many ...." .Antony...You talk very poetically and pervertically.

I sipped the wine looking at her beautiful nose and the eyes.

" You gave me peace in a lifetime of war. " She moved towards me ,swaying a bit in her high spirits, holding the half emptied glass of wine in one hand and stretching her arms.

I stood up extending my arms, ready to greet her, the smell of sweet perfume filled the air, it must be her long hair.

She came close to me and knelt down in front of me, The wine glass fell down with a clank, the red wine spilling on the white marble floor, formed like a double headed blood red serpent crawling across .

Her cold fingers... caressed my toes...and moved up gently.

I am dying, Egypt, dying...


DAMN IT!!!Brrr.,..Its real cold!!!  I left the windows open last night.
I pulled my legs into the blanket!!

err...Where was I? ...Where was I? Think Brain cells..Think..Yeah..yeah..She fell near me..Yeah!!



What was that noise.
I looked down at Cleopatra!!
 Has she turned into a frog?Should I kiss her to .....
I mean. This is not happening on the early Sunday Morning!


Is that the Crow!! Shooo Go away!!!  Damn Avians..They wake people at the wrong time!! 
Aint there some place else?ONLY MY BALCONY!! 
NOOOO!! This is not happening!

Closed my eyes and pulled the blanket over my head..
Yes. Iam the Roman King... I have just put Caeser in the dungeons for all his wrong doings ,including genocide and destroying properties etc and UN Council will spank him for that.
Cleopatra has send me an SMS telling me that I should meet her at her palace.
She is trying to seduce me to lift sanctions off Caeser.


Whats that noise..

Hmm.... Gotcha!!! Thank you Sunday Morning!

AAARRRGGGHHH!!! Its my friend who stayed at my place previous night, who has managed to stick up something to the non-stick pan while making breakfast, and is wrestling with the deformed thing.

Me: Hey Whats happening?

Friend:Cooking breakfast! Didnt turn out the way I expected.

Me:Its alright.[Didnt turn out the way I expected too ,that too early in the morning].We will outsource it today.

Friend:Wheres the knife?You have a bigger one?

Me:What are you cooking?Try the shelf, Must be in there.

Friend:Err..something with eggs and potatoe.


Friend:Get back to sleep.I will clean it up and dial up for food.I dont think this will taste good!

Yeah! Get back to sleep?
Its not easy you know.I closed my eyes.
The palace was gone.There was NO perfume in the air.There was NO wine, No Marble Floors, No Pillars, No Costly Curtains, No Guards who stood by the door.

I looked out through the window to the foggy blue skies. The white fluffy clouds drifted across lazily, another OMEN predicting the time and day ahead for me.

Well..That was a CROAKING Sunday, as I put it



Farheen said...


bad luck :P

Anonymous said...

this was one funny post !!!