Wednesday, December 3, 2008

< MMS ISSUE > all started a few weeks back.
The fact was I badly needed to transfer a pic from my phone to my PC.

Its a well known secret that my mobile phone is declared impotent.It does have Infrared transfer but it somehow managed not to work; and since it is created before the bluetooth, it does not bite.

Quote : My phone cant do it with Computer
My phone cant do it with Mobile. : UnQuote

Hence declared Impotent and a Virgin till it dies

Well..the only option to do that is by technical alliance with compatible machinery from neighbourhood.[Yeah! you are not supposed to understand that]

So! The apple fell and I got an ingenius idea!
Send it as an MMS to buddies mobile phone and ask him to upload it and send it to my email.

I did send it well..5 times to 5 different people.None of them recieves the MMS I send.
Technology is twisted like the rail of a rollercoaster at times.  [You are not supposed to understand this tooo ]

Another apple fell and I got the ingenius idea to call the Ingeniass tech support [I never wanna call them..they put me to sleep with their theme song and when they wake me up I forget what I called them for.)


I Dialled 111

Theme Song!! Trying hard to stay awake.

Trrrrrrrrrrrrriinnngggggggggg!! Trrrrrrrrrrrrriinnngggggggggg!!

Foreplay Begins!!

Courtship words are exchanged.

Vodafone Cust Care:This is Blonde( Name changed but not the attitude !! hi hi!).How may I help you?
Concealed thoughts: This is Blonde..How may I screw up your life today?

Me:Well..See..I want to send an MMS and the message is send,the money is taken from my account but the recipient is not able to recieve it.

Vodafone Cust Care:Before that May I know your name please.
Concealed thoughts: Yeah! So that I can call your name instead of STUPID when you start asking me technical questions and dance on my nerves.

Actually I was prompted to say "Bond...James Bond". but well I dont like the twist of fait.[ Ya know what I mean...You didnt ..Right? What if I have to call them again?]

Vodafone Cust Care: May I reconfirm your number.
Concealed thoughts:So that I can ignore you next time your number pops up and put you on hold forever.

Me : [ Yeah.Please go ahead and yeah..remember that number and dial me when you are kinda free and has noone to talk to.What say?]

Vodafone Cust Care:Tell me whats your problem.

Me:[ Repeat Step 1..Actually I got a whole lot of problem including the recession]
      Well..See..I want to send an MMS and the message is send,the money is taken from my account but the recipient is not able to recieve it.

Vodafone Cust Care:Okay.Is that person using a vodafone?


Vodafone Cust Care:You can send an SMS to our server to activate the MMS settings on your mobile and then try and send it again.
Concealed thoughts:Its supposed to work.The manual say so.

Me:See..actually MMS is activated on my mobile.It is.
  [Should I Swear?.]

Vodafone Cust Care:In that case please switch off your mobile phone and switch it back on
Concealed thoughts:Okies.This is the silver bullet fix to piss you off royally.Bang!!!

Me:Hmm...Are you sure that would cure this problem?
      [Are you kidding me?Iam not using a stupid Windows operating system on my mobile!]

Vodafone Cust Care:Yeah It would.
Concealed thoughts:Sorry Mr Customer!!RIP.

Some courtship words are exchanged again..

Beep beep beep


My friend Rings back.

Anser: Hey! I got a link for your MMS cool.

Anser:Did you send me a pic of a modal?

Me:No..Damn it..No..I send my pic.Okay..I repeat..M.Y. P.I.C.T.U.R.E

Anser:Iam not getting anything other than pic of a modal here.Do call up customer care.They could help you.

Me:Yeah! They did.But they prescribed me cyanide for migrane.

Anser:Okay.Will call you when I get your pic

Dear readers.Its been weeks!! and he hasnt called me yet.


Time for some action.There will be someforce in universe which will tell me why they are not getting my MMS.

I go for the ouija board  and the candles.


ranjaxxx said...

amaajjing!!! hilarious [:)] vodafone does get on your nerves

Alisha said...

u....i know why u wrote all this..

"Its ok.. I'll wait for longer".

happy now..?

kuttai said...

How many apples fell down wasting time stand under the tree and the apple will fall on ur head!
the idea comes up.............ding ding ding!!!!!!!!!

Arjun M said...


dude.. your fone's suckage and all, but threaten to sue Vodafone!

Looks like the vodafone rhapsody will never end!

санжог said...

My bad;

u took the mms thing and it didnt work

Farheen said...

airtel is nice :P

Anonymous said...

the customer care call was perfectly enacted and posted !!!! :)

Aparna said...

nice hilarious post!

i loved all ur write-ups