Friday, October 15, 2010


Lost_Chick:Too many checking, as if I am gonna blow the whole campus.

Harmless_Guy:Wow!! I wish I was in that campus.
Harmless_Guy:Huh! Can't a guy maintain a positive world view?

.. I got a cute roommate.
Dew_Girl:err...Iam straight as a straight line can get so is my new roommate.
Harmless_Guy:Alright..When you both gonna overlap?


Lost_Chick: i am in love...
sorcerer: in love with whom ?
Lost_Chick: he is stylish
sorcerer : me?
Lost_Chick: and he lets me do anything i want..
sorcerer: Hey chick!! Are you talking about me? B-) ?
Lost_Chick: no stupid!
sorcerer: Its about your new phone..Right?
Lost_Chick: didnt let me finish.
Lost_Chick: i was going to say i have him in my fingertips!
sorcerer : i know...he vibrates too..right?Gwad... is the mankind losing another girl to the gadgets?
Lost_Chick: Pervert!!

Lost_Chick: you've heard of pumice stone.?
Genius: yeah
Genius:It's something from Harry Potter Story.Right?

Sorcerer:Dude!!So..We gonna come down to your place the jingalala dance at your marriage function.
Sh_Guy:hmm...I don't think the court will appreciate you dancing in their premises.



Sakshi said...

sorcy at his best.. :D

Sorcerer said...

Thank you :)

Dandelion said...

very entertaining..!!!
glad to have come by your blog..!!!

Sorcerer said...

Thank you :)

Sankoobaba said...

i am still laughing as I type this.. will laugh even I post this comment and so on...

"jingalala dance"

ha ha ha ha

Sankoobaba said...

i was trying to image it
"jingalala dance"

Girish said...

Awesome dude! :D
'm still laughing :))