Thursday, July 24, 2008


This incident happened in my 10th Standard, after the Model Exams.Mr.Biology comes to the class and distributes the answer sheets.Every one got their answer sheets except me


Mr.Biology: Hope you all have recieved your answer sheets.

Me: [*Rises my hands.] Sir...I...

Mr.Biology: [ Stares at me], Well... You can come to the Biology Lab to collect it.

Me: [*Sighs! Whats next].Yes ...sir.

My Wing Man: Royally Screwed Eh?In Biology? [Surprised Face..Did I see a fly comin out of his mouth?]

Me: [Gives him a beeg Smile.] Shut Up Dork!!

My Wing Man: Do you want me to come with ya?

Me: Na...This is a solo mission dodo.


After the class I rush after my Biology sir to the Biology Lab.The long walk to the Biology lab was silent and took longer than expected. The corridors ahead seem long and twisted. There was death written on both sides of the walls.[ Too much coffee..Too much coffee...The coffee Iam having now is helping my brain cells color the incident with VIBGYOR.]..

Location :The Biology Lab

+2 Students were having their Lab Session at that time in the lab.The whole lab was fully packed.The so called Senior Dorks were looking at me and grinning. Idiots..they don't know why I was there at that time, but they really knew something was not right.Duh! The brain waves.Again too much price to pay for being famous.I entered the Biology Lab ..taking a deep breathe.

Mr Biology: Can you bring the Microscope to my table.

Me: Yes Sir [*Went to get the Microscope thingy from the Shelf ][*I was thinking of the long wait, till he finishes off his lecture to the +2 Poipils then embarssing me in front of the Senior chics and Dorks.Hitler Guy! Sadistic... huh!][*I came back and placed the Microscope thingy on his table]

Mr:Biology: How much marks do you really expect for this paper?

Me: Sir, have done quiet well.

Mr.Biology: Really? But you havent.

Me: [*Gulp. *Treason...Somebody switched the papers.Confused.A conspiracy theory in the making.Is the CIA involved?]

Mr.Biology: [*Hands me the answer sheets.] Focus your answer paper under the microscope.Damn it.I can't read your smaaaaall handwriting. I will read the questions.I want you to place the answer sheet under the microscope and then read out the answer loud to me.Dont read what is not written on it.Iam trusting you.[He said that with a grin] You correct it.I will tell you the marks, add the marks to the left side.

Me: [*Gulp..],[*Giggles and laughs in the background],[*Sweating..though the Fan was whooosh whooosh at full speed]. .Sir... [The only word came out of my mouth]

Mr Biology: How do you manage to write so small and May be you can read it.but my boy.I am old, so will be the persons who will be checking your answer for your board exams. the paper under the microscope.

Me: [*Gulp... Sighs!!!],[Giggles and laughs in the backgroung getting louder and louder]

Mr Biology to the whole Class:Yeah, Silence please.This could happen to you too.

Me: [*Giving the whole class a cold stare.][*Yeah ..Don't laugh at other people's 'Situations'.Dorks!!!. Wont you good students be frying the cockroaches in front of you, over the spirit lamp and be eating it, rather than watch my facial muscles for the sligtest twitch it makes.]

Mr Biology to me: What you looking at?Do it..Place it under the microscope.

As I was about to commit to that high pitched command.calling all forces of nature to rescue me from such a dreaded situation....The Library Madam came in to talk something to the Biology Sir.


.......Time went by....


Mr Biology: Yeah, I will give you the answer sheet, after correcting.But I may call you when I need your help.Now you may go back to the class.


[Felt the same relief of taking a leak after a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time ]

Library Madam: Whats this about?Why is he here?

Mr Biology: [Hands her my answer sheets.] Madam,can you read that?

Library Madam:[Laughs],How do you manage to write it soo small?

Me: [*Yeah..In future I want to specialise in NANO technology.]

Me: [Confused as to laugh or just keep it zipped]Sir,Can I go?

Mr Biology:Yeah.I will call you when I need you here.

I walk past ...cold stares and stooopid comments from the +2 intellectuals.Autographs...anyone?



anusha said...

really??? did this happen?? or its just your imaginative mind and excellent story telling ??

nice post!

Dame Folle said...

Poor you! I empathize, but it's a funny situation! Do you write any bigger now?

Sorcerer said...

It really happened
I respect my bio sir as he used to punish yus in strange ways..which we never forget for the rest of our lives.
and the best part is..everyone scores will in Biology

Prajwala Ghate said...

dude... u poured the feelings of a punished school going boy... that was really a very nice post! :)

C R D said...


mebbe u shud join the "steel authority of india" for writing "made in india" on needles

anurag said...


Shruti Sharma said...

nice 1!

nanotechno??ull surly help it out!

Dame Folle said...

Is your writing any bigger now? Please don't make me ask again.

Shiva said...

interesting post n a blog
terrific pic
comment back@

Anonymous said...

ha ha !! my writing was so much big that the teacher was fed up of giving me extra sheets ...