Wednesday, July 16, 2008


This is a true life story which happened in an UNOFFICIAL Tea Coffee Sutta meet on 13th July 2008 4:30 PM.

Location:Forum Mall.
Characters:Juggie, Sorcerer, Sid,! @M !N LOVE
4:30 PM IST


Wow! A beautiful hot... July Sunday. We The Commandos of ECF planned to meetup at Forum mall, Bangalore to click pics with the Maclaren Mercedez Benz Chic.

The display on my mobile litup in its pale white luminance

SMS from Owner Mama.A.K.A jUggie.

"Where art thou?"

I Called him back.

"Come to the Palm trees thingy.Iam here." I replied.

Seconds tick by and then a heavy hand gripped my shoulders.
Enter jUggie..dressed in a Black TShirt and a well...a black cloth with something written on it on tied around his well..head.
We took some snaps of the Mclaren Babe and went to the first floor to have a "BIRDS EYE VIEW' of the Maclaren thingy
The ride to the First floor went without any incidents beating the probability factor of one accident per 374932749284724^n rotations.
We found a quiet spot and were talking on errr.... Flopped TCS Mumbai Meet and related things about TCS and the future of TCS as a major Corporate.

Of course we were on high alert for inbound Boggies [Read Bodies].
Over the conversation Me and jUggie was transacting coordinates and marking Inbound Position of pottential threats[ Read Treats..for eyes]

Juggie was talking about PUMA and he was counting the ppl who was wearing PUMA.
I seriously didnt know that jUggie was wearing a PUMA Tshirt and it took me an hour or so to realise he was infact wearing one of those PUMA thingy and thats the reason PUMA came in between our intellectual debates and conversations.

Moments crawl the eyeballs kinda got numb or i don't know if it was the network traffic on the nervous system..Processing shoo much information in short span of time and storing it in the Photo memory storage space.
ENTER Mr.Iam In Love [Read Mr.! @M !N LOVE... for Now]
! @M !N LOVE... : Hello.Hows you doing?
jUggie:Hey.You are here
Me:Hey comrade.Hows ya man?

Seems like we questioned each other on the 'Hows you doing' part and never cared to answer.
Yes, We were having too much distratcions to deal with.
Who cares "Hows ya doing'.The answer is self explanatory.

A Info Update was done on ANKIT [ The soul on vacation ] by Mr.! @M !N LOVE...
Correction:AN Info Update was done on ANKIT [ The soul on vacation ] by Mr.! @M !N LOVE...

Moments Tick By..
Enter Sid..Smilin and waving .a Happy Bunny.
We went to look at the posters and the latest movie release in Bangalore at PVR Cinemas.
Juggie took his photos which are now available for download from his Orkut Picture Book.
[Viewer Description advised after seeing the pics]
Random thoughts and dialogues were exchanged between us.
We didnt take the "Transit mall" which is the default option to hangout,sit and sip on the MNC drinks as the inflation was now high and we wanted to be the future Multi Trillionires.
Soon some chemical reaction happened in jUGGies head and he said.."LETS GO TO JAYNAGAR Shopping Complex"..well folks,its not a complex its a series of vertically and
horizontally aligned shops on both sides of the roadway.

We decided to move to Jayanagar Shopping Complex.
We came down to the First Floor,Forum Mall.



! @M !N LOVE... ECF COMMANDO spots a kid walking with random footsteps. His Sixth sense fires a signal through the nerves to the CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM.

His subconscious memory analyzes the situation and environmental parameters and declares the Kid as LOST AND LOOKING FOR PARENTS.

! @M !N LOVE... ECF COMMANDO Scans the Area and tries to find a face match...but..the Search Yielded No RESULTS.
To confirm his results returned by his ESP[ Extra Sensory Perception] and INFRA EYE SCAN, he reads the Kids Mind.
That memory scanning didn't end up in a bad sector and returned the Code ..404 MOMA NOT FOUND.

He rushes behind the kid chasing the kid down the shopping floor.The Kid began its random POINT TO POINT WALKING/Running[It was an art];giving the SUPER HERO A Chase.
The Super Hero grabs the kid by his arms and pins the small kid down and stopped his r a n d o m o v e m e n t s across the shopping floor.

jUggie the Commando realizing the situation looks for the Guy with feathers in his cap.
Juggis Mental GPS System provides him the coordinates and he calls for the Feathered Security Guy.

The Other 2 Commandos were trying to asses the situation and was acting as a backup if things go bad or worse.

Super Hero ! @M !N LOVE... COmmando hands over the KID to the "AUTHORITY'.
Soon another FEMALE AUTHORITY Came down and both ! @M !N LOVE... Commando and The Feathered Guy, who happened to be the MALE AUTHORITY gave the Kid to the FEMALE AUTHORITY.

Then there was a woman who came running in slow motion which happened to be the MOMA the then LOST but Now rescued Kid.

She Said "Thanks a lot"..But ! @M !N LOVE... THE SUPER HERO WAS NO WHERE TO BE SEEN. not like Spider man who waits for "Thanks" and some cheesy kisses [Ya know what I mean]
! @M !N LOVE... Commando SUPER HERO has more people to save,So excuse time for complements; more than that he needed to submit his research papers with the AUTHORITIES, which is a naked truth.



purplestorm said...

That memory scanning didn't end up in a bad sector and returned the Code ..404 MOMA NOT FOUND.


Well put!


Sammok said...

Heh. THaT pretty much sums the meet. :D

The chennai meet was a litttle better. The CCDs here have mosquitoes. :D =))