Tuesday, July 22, 2008


This incident happened when I was in my doing my +1. [Yeah! meim dasvee pass hey ]

I happened to be a backbencher but used to be recognised and honored by my principal for every happening in my school campus.
Yeah..you guessed it right, fame brings its own problems with it.No wonder people like Marc Anthony, Tomcruise etc hide their faces behind beeg goggles; unfortunately my campus rules didnt permit me from wearing anyof those face hiding stuffs.

The subject I used to score quiet well used to be, the subject biology [Did I hear you say...aaaaaaaaawwwww .Zip it..Zip it.] +1 used to be like a vacation academic year, because all the teachers want 10th and 12th students to score well.So +1 students are kinda spared and the 10th and 12th students are grilled to the core.
But then again my comrades....we feel like convicts sentenced to death and awaiting execution.

In the Biology exam, the essay part, I wrote my heart out on the topic "Deforestation and Its Impact on Earth". Yeah any politician can speak on that topic for hours, so I could write an 8 page essay on that.
Well, having completed the rest of the questions in biology quiet well and having enough time to spare for a lengthy Essay I was not taxing myself on the words and yeah even paper.

Finally the day came when the answer sheets were passed back to us.
To my surprise and having cracked my poor brain cells and the muscles on my arms and fingers, the Biology sir only gave me 1/2 mark for my Essay.


The dork who was sitting next to me got,well good marks.
This calls for the COMRADE inside me taking the Rose out of the GUN BARREL and Squishin it with boots.
I went to meet my teacher Mr.Biology.

The conversation is as follows

Me:Sir...Err.... I ve written the essay and...

Biology sir: Okay.Whats with it.

Me:Sir..Ive done quiet well and only half mark for the whole thing.[Trying to be calm and puppy eyes]

Biology sir:*Takes the answer sheets from my hands..thumbs through the papers and the 8 page essay.

Me:Sir I've written it well.Almost all the points are included.

Biology sir:Yeah I see it.Just tell me something

Me:yeah [* Prepared myself to tackle the toughest question he would push on me ]

Biology sir:How are papers made..I mean what is the raw material?


Biology sir: Whats your topic for essay?

Me:Deforestation and its impact on earth, Sir [*Said that like a good soldier]

Biology sir:So..How many papers did you waste for a 6 marks Essay?

Me:Sir, But

Biology sir:I am not gonna give you any marks..Practice what you preach.

Me:Sir,This is [* This is daylight robbery This is insane.]

Biology sir:Yeah..take is as a point. Firstly, Don't waste paper.Secondly,Don't write too much for a 6 marks question.I dont want you to repeat this in 12th.

Me:Sir,I wont do it again

Biology sir:
*Takes the paper from my hands and writes in BEEEEG LETTERS in my answer sheet on top of the essay. "NATURAL WASTE"

[Did I Make some noise out of protest? I wouldn't have!!! Was I in shock or in COMA?What does he mean by Natural waste?Is that a personal Insult? Too many questions to answer ]

Me:Thank you sir,

Walks out of the LAB..feeling ........AAAAAAAAAARRGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH.... I wasted "my ink".


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Dame Folle said...

I do enjoy reading your posts...Impeccable sense of humour!