Sunday, January 9, 2011


Wiseguy:Hey, did anybody called my phone while I was out?


Wiseguy: Naa..My girl friend said, she would be here before I even get up.

Sorcerer: Did she say.."Get up" or.."Get It Up?".

An:Man..its too cold these days.

Sorcerer:Yeah, it sure is and ya know what? You are wearing your sweater inside out.Is that cuz its ribbed...For yer pleasure.


Genius:Whose driving?


Genius:Yeah..give me all yer beer, cuz I am on damage control mode.

Wiseguy:I am off to the temple.

Sorcerer:Ya know..wearing that white mundu and walking along the streets of Bangalore;i pray my friend that street dogs don't mistake your hairy legs for a Pomeranian and start humping it. Ewwwwwwww..that's a terrible mental image

Genius:That would be really hilarious and I wonder how many dogs will have wetdreams tonight.

Wiseguy:You sickos..

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