Monday, January 3, 2011


Hello World;
Well, I was away from action on the blog-ville for quiet a few months..What ya know!!, Life surely is a crowded train and we all have pressing matters to handle.Anyway..Happy Moo year to all the vegetarians out there and A very happy new year to the rest of the world.


LostChick:Sorcy, you know that what ever you say would be used against you.
Sorcerer:Ooohh...Wickid..Can I say something?
LostChick:huh!! I am not talking to you.

Wiseguy:Aarrrrghhhh!!! The computer says it can't find my joystick.
Sorcerer:Hmmm...So is with your girl friend.Aint it?

Sorcerer: nope..nope
 I speak for the whole of mankind

Siji: u cahnot speak for ne mankind....i mean u r not man kind!
Sorcerer: yeah.Iam a Kind Man.Glad you noticed

Siji: i lyke dat abt u

Sorcerer: hmmm...that sarcasm looks good on u
  nice..where did u get that?
Siji: i borrowed it frm ya
Sorcerer: yeah... hope its keeping u warm in this winter
Siji: aha!!

Myth:So.I am going out with this law chick tonight.You guys..sit here with the machines on your lap to keep your crotch warm.
Genius:Yeah..Go on buddy..Good luck with what ever..

Sorcerer:May your date be a success and may you have an honorable discharge Myth.

Sri:so..yeah..she aint picking up my call after that discussion.

Sorcerer:Ya know..body language is important and more importantly you are not supposed to grin when you ask a cute H.R if there are any openings with her.The whole thing becomes a pickup line...but ..WOW!!!

 "All the world's a Blog, and all the men and women merely blog-posts!! "-Sorcerer doing a Shakespeare on life

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