Thursday, June 11, 2009


Another Conversation Post:


Sorcerer: Have I threatened you before?[ read: have we met before?]

Victim:I suppose no :D .You were never experienced counter threat ever before :P

Sorcerer: Wow! you read my 'Heat' signature quiet well!


Dude 1 (On the phone): Okay!! Do what you like..alright and then..Don't..

[Person on the other end hung up]

Dude 1: Gurl friends suck dude?

Dude 2: Is that the problem?

Dude 1:What?



Jaycee:You can be the Mascot of our team

Sorcerer:errr..Will the Mascot get a chance to get acquainted with the MAS COM?
[Jaycee is a Mas com]

Jaycee:I am changing my course.




Gwen: ummm so and r animated and fictional?

Sorcerer: yeah I am fictitious babe...I am infectious
6:54 PM *wink

Gwen: like viral fever? or oh wait..Ebola?
6:55 PM

Sorcerer: Nop .. like love virus

Gwen: oh...ok.. so you love viruses...that's weird...
6:56 PM

Sorcerer: yet you didn't understand.? I am hittin on you.

Gwen: oh so thats wat you were doin...?
6:57 PM

Sorcerer: *slaps forehead again
Hey...How yaaaaaaa doing?


Gwen: yeah sure...but ill have to put you thru tests...

Sorcerer: Litmus test

Gwen: nope...

Sorcerer: I mean as in you me next to a chic wearing micro bikini and see if you go green

Gwen: nope, but yeah thats pretty good idea (Litmus test)
(*notes it down in her creative ideas to get guys in a rut)
7:06 PM

Sorcerer: see there you go.. stick with me and you will learn things
i mean..LEARN things

Gwen: si,
como estas?
7:15 PM

Sorcerer: no thank you.if you insist with less sugar




Dame Folle said...

Girlfriends suck dude!
Is that the problem?


cutestangel said...

hee hee you posts are getting stranger vby the day!!!lolz

Sorcerer said...



thanks for goin through the blog

ha said it.


Even though I am still trying to grasp your style of writing blogs... but guess what I like it!!! It's unique and one-of-a-kind man.. :P

Great blog!!!

Anonymous said...

loved the "infectious babe" and "LEARN things" parts a lot !! cool :) glad to be reading ur blog again !!

Sorcerer said...

@sizzling swati
hey..thanks for the complements and inspiration to write weired stuffs.

hey!! thanks for the comment.
Yeah..Infectious it is.

gwen said...

ummm..well you shouldve posted the rest of the conversation!hehehehe
anyways that was the si,como thank you if you insist with less sugar!hehehehe
anyways yeah as you asked...'sorci you are so dead' grrrrr.... dont you love that baby!

Sorcerer said...

GRRRRRRRRRRR>.. i liked that part


sajith viswam said...

Really wonderful craps... reall lff craps?? I need to quote Russel's "Somebody's Gonna Get Hurt Real Baaad......."

Sorcerer said...

@sajith said it dude
Craps can be good too.

and I say "Bring em on"

mantiz said...

i like you style of writing., it's easy on the eyes, unconventional, and hilarious as hell..!
keep writing dude :)

Sorcerer said...


thank you mate.
went through your blog.

PS:me too from kerala. and yeah politics there suck beeg time.

Do keep visiting the blog
thanks for the comment again


I read this post again.. n found the Litmus Test part the funniest of all... hahahah :P

Sorcerer said...

u could go to some of my older posts.
yeah...err..real old..i mean back in 2008 april stuffs
nyway..that posts dont make much sense

The Vitruvian Boy said...

Dude on the phone and the litmus test convo rocks... :D

Good one...

Post the other conversations as well.....
looking forward to it.... :)

Sorcerer said...

@vitruvian Boy
Thanks for the comment dude.

Yeah litmus test. I think its a pretty valid test!

C R D said...

In the lab

Girl - put it in and watch it go wet and red.

Boy - Wanna do it here? My place or urs?

Girl - The litmus paper in the test tube you pervert

Boy - Ive got test tubes at home too

Girl - Lets Go!!

Sammok said...

rotfl.. specially the one with less sugar

Arjun M said...

"Gwen: si,como estas?
7:15 PM

Sorcerer: no thank you.if you insist with less sugar"


awesome post sorcy!

Shruti Mukundan said...

am little late this time but had prepared myself to lol well before starting to read ...

as expected.. litmus test almost dropped me from chair!!

keep going... u n ur convos.. adds up spice to life ;)

Sorcerer said...

ha ha..nice one
thanks for the comment

Look who dropped in on de blog!!
Hey..thanks for the comment and keep visitin

ha ha..Smart way to piss of Gwen.aint it?

I think..Litmus test is a classified test to get gals/guys!

buzzzzzzzzz... said...

where? man!!!!
where in world ?? u hear such entertaining conversations ....except ur blog ,,
tat gwen conversation....!!!lolz lolz!!!

Sorcerer said...


thanks for the comments buzzzzzzzzz
thanks for the commenT!

KrystalKitty. said...

It's good to be dead,even a micro bikini didn't turn you green,you re almost as strong as cool as a cucumber like yours truly when ot comes to micro anything,even driving on the darkest winter night.But when it comes to nerves you've got me beat.If I had a date I would shamelessly shake and hyperventilte,lol.