Monday, May 25, 2009

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Her highness, Vampy came to visit us at Bangalore all the way from |||||||||||||||||||||||||

Some glimpses from the eventful sunday.


Me and my wingman, the E.C.F chief, jUggie with her highness Vampy were at the Transit Mall.
The usual chaos was gaining its momentum.
jUggie dehydrated himself on Cold Coffee, while her highness settled for mineral water.

[ Santhosh... Environmental friendly mineral water hey kya?.... Pakaaaaaaaaaauuuu]

I kinda skipped my breakfast and wanted to have my fill; settled for Chaunese.


Courtship :


The Aftermath :

I don't believe in the power of pheromones much; it could be a gamble ya know, thought this would be a better way to leave a mark!!

I know..I know....Its creative work.. Something like that you see on Khajuraho temples..but in words.

Time ticked slowly...Yeah with all those chics around.. Me and jUggie was in continues time warp Zone.
We conducted experiment by mixing Moree orangee with Coke.It tasted cool for me!!..Yuck for jUggie.Vampy didnt want to commit suicide drinking 'Weired potion'.

[ With all undue respect to 'ORANGEEEE' my friend, we cross bred you with Coke!!]


Location: CCD [ Brigade Road]

Yes..With jUggie leadin the way , dodgin cars and bikes like bullets we reached the CCD.
It was time for 'Sinful indulgence'.
[ Who ever said..eatin chocolate is like being in love is a 'Grade A nimrod' ! I never felt anything..Darn!!].
Disappointment takes over.I expected soo much outta this 'indulgence'.


In The Before :

The inagural cut was done by Vampy, and then it was taken over by Ryan- The Doc ;disastrously, we had chocolate bleedin.The Cake was declared dead!

[I am never gonna let you keep a blade on my Doc!! Neva.. Forget the blade..not even a bandaid!!]

In The After :

Didnt I say.."It was Sinful'?

Well folks... It was a Sunday, productively spent. Aint it?



Arjun M said...



Welcome to Insanity Vampy :)

Sorcerer said...

WE called you!! you bunked!
the way you were making plans i thought you would be here
better next time


cutestangel said...

You massacared the chocolate cake!!!

санжог said...

huh; it cant be fun ; i wasn't there to see; i only believe what i wonly see with my own eyes.

jealousy is a bad thing. but i indulge in it nevertheless.

angel from heaven said...

orange and coke with chocolate cake deadly concoction.

Sorcerere said...

@sanjog go green..(not related to earth day or something)


yeah..its medication for the soul

Aparajita Bhattacharya (Administrator) said...

C-R-A-Z-Y. Simply that.

Sorcerer said...


thank you! thank you..thank you!

The Vitruvian Boy said...

nice post.... :)

The pics were lovely especially the "Sorcy vas here" one....

Orangee juice with colored and non alcoholic beverages???
I have to experiment with that.... :)

Sorcerer said...

@orangee better..
thought you would be angry with me for cross breeding

Devika said...

but i want cake tooooo...
:( me always busy when these meets happen...!!

and arre wah sorcy!!!!!wat creativity!!! watte choice of words...wah wah!!!

and okie u should try this...

tea(the small 3 rupee walla cups) + liiiittle bit maaza(i havent tried this with the other mango juices) = yuuuummmmm (reallly. it started out as dare.but was verrry good actually)

Devika said...

and dude!!!! that was the best oppurtunity for u to try the 'poopsi-balls'

Shruti Mukundan said...

hee hee.. guess u had good time with ur experiments.. n d chocolate cake was sure looking tempting before its assassination :P

Sorcerer said...

next meet at mysore!yo

hm.tea with mango juice..
lemme try that
and..poopsi ball is a dare

yeah..we raped the cake
thanks for the comment!

ganny said...

dammit.. i miss the tcs bangalore meet every single time..

Sorcerer said...

aye aye.. ze

Sorcerer said...


"and arre wah sorcy!!!!!wat creativity!!! watte choice of words...wah wah!!!"

*No.. chocolate cake for you!!
See..I saw it through your .Devious Devika ways

Anonymous said...

its always so much fun to catch up wd frnds !! the cake was really tempting !


lol... wotta a post dude!!! I picked up this post for commenting solely because of the delicious yummmm cake :P the pic itself looks do tasty... I wanna have some... I wanna have some toooo .. :((((

"Sorcy was here"... great "food" calligraphy.. :P

Sorcerer said...

@swathi was

thanks for the comment

@pretty me
yeah..sunday..and sats..the only place where corporate slaves get time to quench the thirst for freedom

Anonymous said...

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