Monday, May 11, 2009


A great bloggi GopalKrishnan once said " It's interesting. Come on! Come out! Conversations are for philos who have much more to offer!"

So here I am with another conversation post



It was a beautiful Saturday Morning; totally under the warm blanket, I was enjoyin my weekend sleep, the weekly hibernation program that begins at Friday night and goes all the way till the sunlight melts the fat off. 

My phone starts ringin, lighting up its scratched up display!

Caller: Good morning..I am callin from  [beep]Bank. 

Me: Good Morning? [Looks at the clock..Darn!!10:15 Am,too early! Damn!! You work on Saturdays too?Get a life!] 

Caller:You have been shortlisted for our Privileged Customer Offer!!We have an very good offer for you; if you take our credit card.......... 

Me:I dont want one!  

Caller:May I know why? 

Me:I havent brushed my teeth yet .



DD: See, Men...They are the destructive factor. PSHHHHHHHHHHKAAAABOOOOMMMM!!! 

Me:What was that?

DD:That was earth explodin ; because you MEN... make war and destroy it and I have to learn all those war treaties for exams.

Me:And...You woman ate us out of APPLE and Our Home!!

DD: The snake was a male!

Me:Yeah! Keep tellin that to yourself!!

[Remembers that Soap is outta stock after seeing the nearby shop close down for the night!]

Me:Darn!! The guy pulls down the shutters of his shop and only then my highly evolved brain remembers to buy soap!

DD:See I told you, guys are not planned; they are always messy; Iam lost for adjectives; a girl will never run outta stock of anything.

Me: No issues, Being a bachelor male, we can bath with shampoo and if we dont have it; theres always hand washing liquid and if still.. theres dish washing liquid. Its all the same, detergent with fragrance , and its mild and is better than some shampoos and agents you use on your noodle heads.


Me:Hey!! We call them adaptability!Men..We adpt too well and too quick!!Not like you females who pull down the whole show and sit like the world is heading towards Halleys Comet, if your hairclip is not matchin your footwear.





Read for the first time such a kinda blog. Interesting. Unique. Novel. The best part I liked in the conversation with DD... was Men's adaptibility... bathe with dish washer liquid... vim... lol.. wonder how do you smell after that... :D

Sorcerer said...

c' know that most dish washing liquids are of high quality fragrance..some evens smells better than shampoos.
well..some shampoo makes us smell like HOSPITAL WARDS.

thank you for ur comment!

Dame said...

My fave part was the sound effect - pshhhhkaaabooooom! lol!


highly humorous... very very interesting!
waiting for more...

Shwetz said...

Loved it- I've had the adaptability conversation with my best friend, my brother and my husband!
The brotherhood certainly bonds universally!!!

Sorcerer said...

thanks for the reply!
Nice to know that you liked the 'KABOOOOOM'

hey!! you got a nice blog dude.
will check it out
thanks for the reply

Sure does- I second the thought on Bond

keep visitin and Yeah! thanks for the reply!

Anonymous said...

hahaha...funny like hell...
btw u'r good at talking...:)
i like the sound effect:D and ur way of using dish washing liquids for such nobel purposes..lolz

Sorcerer said...

@charsimatic man

Dude..Thats sound effect what I heard over the phone
I had to ask her what the sound she was makin

Anonymous said...

lolz first of all je itz is charismaticEMAAN..
i used "3" instread of E :)

Pranay said...

hehe... quite interesting... u have a gr88 knack for humour

Anonymous said...

LoLz !! its good to be back to blogs ,, n more coz i started reading with yous !! :)

cutestangel said...

wow thanks sorcy you have just saved my shopping bill I have crossed off shampoo, conditioner,dishwashing detergent, laundry soap and replaced the whole lot with just washing up liquid!!!
hats off to you ,Now if my hair frizzes like an afro and my sheets stiffen hard as a board you will be responsible!!!!lolz

Sorcerer said...


I will keep that in mind! buddy :p

Thanks for the comment buddy
welcome back to the blogsphere!! WElcome back
see...its adaptability in the time of recession.
Was thinkin what else toothpaste can be used for!

Ekam said...

Haha .. Dish washer liquid ! I guess all the boys are the same. I mean this conversation between 'DD & me' was similar to what I have with my brother. All boys are the same. Hehe:D
That was hilarious :D

Sorcerer said...

yeah...adaptability..the keyword!
we can even wear two different sock and still think its cool!

The Vitruvian Boy said...

lolz...I havent brushed my teeth. :))

An ya i agree that we guys are very adaptable to new situations...

Thats the reason men went to conquered the everest,south pole and many other places.... :)

Gopalakrishnan said...

Very nice way to cut the Credit Card Phone. Those guys keep blurting something (after being short of credits themselves).. Man vs Woman was very interesting.. The most imp factor is that the conversations are believable... (not like some others writing some bloody stuff and asking us to believe it)..

All in all it's just another feather in your hat! Keep the pace going..

Another thing tat I observed: You called me 'great bloggi'. the only thing I did on seeing it was have a good laugh and certainly understood tat it was 'Evil's Fury' that had acted upon me.. :)


Shruti Mukundan said...

always a pleasure reading ur blog.. u got the skills to make one roll down d chair... keep it up ;)

buzzzzzzzzz... said...

lollly ..lolz ..lolzzz.....
dose r lyk d funniest n most intelligent conversations i hav eva cum across.......u r a genius ......guy!!!!

Sorcerer said...

@vitruvian Boy

thanks for the comment

Thanks for the comment dear bloggi

hmm..yeah I got the skill to make one roll down the chair..May be I should try politics..


thanks for the comment!
A genius? err or Geniass?

DD said...

hahahahahah convos between me n u maan....

and i had a VERRRRYYYY different answer to that last comment of urs.

watt abt the other conversations? the more hilarious one abt the pillows?? and cubies...

Sorcerer said...


yeah...I will post that too

How can i forget the PILLISH~

Iam reviving my brain cells for the full convo.. contrary to the popular belief that i dont have brain!

KrystalKitty. said...

Funny stuff.ASSome BACHELOR boy!Such a GeniASS touch you have.

Adaptability is something women need,you are right,they lack it.Maybe you and your future misses can teach it together on your blog when you get married.I wonder if she'll adapt to doing YOGA with you?I know she'll adore your blog though.