Sunday, April 6, 2008

< The Syndicate >

Standing at a corner of this street, near to a sleazy motel, I was enjoyin my cigar, watching the thick white fumes, dissolve in the air. It burned fast.

"Damn Wind".
I murmured.

I looked like someone, who had just gotten off his bike, after a long cruise on this winter night.
I was dressed in black- All leather.

The freezing weather had forced, people to stay indoors.The street was empty, except for these cheap mobster punks and tired eyed prostitutes, waiting for a trick.

I saw the red and blue of the police car enter the street. "Good guys looking for suspicious activity". I grinned.
The car coasted down the street. The lights painted the street, like the whole street was in flames.

I looked at my watch. It displayed 12:15 AM. She is late... as usual.
I was waitin for the 'German Beauty'. The wait seemed long. I took out another cigar from the packet.
A few hours back, I received the text of bad news.
"Things have leaked. Its brewin up in the syndicate. We want you here at 12:00 AM. We need to shape things up."
I expected this.The way it all went; I felt at times, some day... some day its gonna come crashing like a winter storm, raining ice pitchforks.

"Fuck! I've warned them of this"

With the syndicate, I've had my fare share of incredible, unpredictable mix of the good, bad, and the ugly.
The situation has flown into hostile territory. It steered itself into hopelessness.

Fuck!Fuck!...... I've told them before."

Being here, my life will be drawn to stagnation .... to insanity.
Here she comes, cruising down the street, Mercedes Benz- The German beauty. She stopped in front of the motel.
I entered the motel through a door, under the iron stairs on to my left.
Inside the motel, the whole world was dimly lit. Flickering lamps, faded colors, sad old thing.
I entered the room 245.

The room was filled with milky white light.
The boss was seated in a chair, with a glass of vodka. His henchmen were sitting on the chairs near the window.

Boss: "Quench your thirst. Then we can talk."- He said pointing to the liquor.
Me: "Thank you". - I don't want to be in my senses, when he starts talking nonsense and pretends.
It was good stuff, tasted good, going down.
Boss:" We know, we are fighting a losing battle. Aint it?"
I nodded my head in response.
Boss: "Where did we go wrong?"

As if he didn't know that. I know he likes to talk too much; but i preferred some action.
For me
it felt like, too much foreplay before the sex. Some ones gonna get numb all over, if we talk too much aint it?
Me:" year back. We had a situation, you were not reachable , that time when it happened. But we briefed you on the 'inbound factor', then."
Boss:"Yeah..I remember..I remember...What in your opinion should we do now? Give me the best fix."

AAAhhhhhh.... He wants the best fix. Is the vodka too strong on him? I am the 'Sorcerer'. Oh Christ...! I hate this role.
Me:" I've made a few negotiations. That should work. We still have some people on the inside, who are still loyal to us. They can be made to compromise, a bit for our benefit, till the book looks strong.
But all this ...all this will work, if and only if the leaks are taken care of. I leave that to you sir."
I can buy +20 days for the book.

Jeezus Christ!!... I know this is like juggling fireballs in the air. One false move, and you are a running...screaming... ball of fire.
Boss: " OKay! You do your job"

I felt the illusion of control.
Me: " About the leaks. I would appreciate if you could personally handle it. That way, I will have less issues to deal with."
I had strapped myself with enough problems. I need to be light for the manoeuvre.I expect him ` to do his bit.
Me:"I think ..I better take my leave of you. Gotta do a lot tomorrow. Good Bye"
The Boss nodded his head.

I stepped into the dim lit corridor. The path ahead was dark, muffled voices echoed in that alley.The alley of my life.
I was back in the street. I could walk a few meter down the street, wave a cab, take my ride home and close the door to the harsh winter behind.

My mind wandered back..
The Boss.. The false promise.
'Castling'. The escape in this game of war.
I hate it.
I will have the same nightmare, in full color. Soon.!!!

I was woken up today by the pleasing ring of my cellphone.

Aaaargghh! Did I keep the alarm?
Nope! I didnt.
I quickly grabbed my phone. Call from an unknown number.
I took the call.

Me: "Hello! Good morning."
Female Voice :" Hello! Swathi.... Can I get Swathi online please?"
Me: "Swathi! You must have dialed the wrong number."
Female Voice :" Errr... Sorry!.."
Me: "It's alright. Been a long time I've seen the sunrise. I should say,Thank you."
Female Voice :[Laughs] ..Bye.
Me: "Bye" [Disconnects the call ]

Swathi,.... Swathi... Aaaaaaaaaarrrrghhh! The name sounds familiar,similar..
Oh Gwad...Nooooooooo..Nooooooo................


siddhu said...

that 'castling' thing was grt yaar..liked ur post!!!

here s drop in.

Anonymous said...


it's a nice post.. jus one glitch though... there are a few errors in your post like an unnecessary 'to' or an 'an' instead of an 'a'... when you write a good post and have such errors in writing it interrupts the flow of reading and to a reader like me it kinda spoils the effect of a b'ful work.

nevertheless a good post :)


Sorcerer said...

:) THanks fo letting me know the glitches.Well..trying to improve ya know.:)