Wednesday, April 2, 2008

.......Deja vu .......

Sitting in a crummy diner, looking out at the street. The street drenched in gloom.The faded figure of skyscrapers outlined the distant horizon.High up above, the clouds lit up in purple and orange.The heavens begun its foreplay for an intense rain,tonight.

The street dark... like the coffee I was drinkin.Ghostly figures moved about the street, hurrying.
I was not in a hurry...I had all the time in the world.

This was not me a few months back.I was kinda like the 'White Rabbit' in Alice In Wonderland. Oohh!!..That was no wonderland for me.
Shakespeare was right on his famous quote about 'Life and Drama'.
I could have done my part better....... I could have done my past better........
A life for me ..... Drama for others.
A pretty face walked into the restaurant. It's her eyes, that had all my attention. She was havin an animated conversation over her cell-phone.
Where was I?
I sipped my coffee, it tasted bitter and cold.
... De javu .... I didn't like it,But I had to welcome it.

Some one familiar stepped into the restaurant. He walked towards the table, I was dining on.


Me: This table is already taken.

Stanger: Oh! Thank you for the warm welcome on this cold night.
[He sat on a chair,right in front of me.]

Me: So.Whut you want? Start an intellectual debate? I would love to feel the heated blood, runnin through my veins after I had done with you.I would appreciate that on such a night.

Stranger : You thought nuthin can get to you?
You thought you could run away?
You thought I wouldn't find you again?

Me: One question at a time...list boy.

Stranger: You are a fugitive. You can't run away. How far will you go, before I sneak up on you again?

Me: Aaahh!! I should have ended you up.

Stranger: Guilty.Are you?

Me: Yeah! Guilty cuz I fuckin let you live.

Stranger: So much hate! You hate your life.Don't you?

Me: Nope! I dont hate my life. I hate you .You son of a -!
You make me feel, like getting trapped in a maze, err.... something like the grid in a Pacman Game;Not exactly but more like it.And you chasin me around. But I could be around a corner, waitin to bite off your jugular vein.How lucky I would be, if I could fill the maze, with your green blood, swim and jump over the maze to my freedom.
You are lucky! My lady luck has not returned from her vacation.

Stranger: You think you can get out of this maze of mess?
[Laughs...] You are drowning, with a lead weight attached to you ....pulled down to the cold labyrinth .There is no escape.
Get ready to welcome the cold days in hell.

Me: Fuck you! If I had a gun with me.I would have splattered your pathetic brain on the wall, givin those white tiles an added touch, with your blood and gray matter.
Listen, Candy Man, I hadn't invited the trouble into my life just the way i didnt invite you here.Trouble had come tome to me.I was pushed over the edge into a no man's land. I had no choice but to take whats thrown my way.
"If the only choice you got to do is the *wrong* thing; then its not really the wrong thing.It's more like fate."

Stranger: Yes,you are right.You didn't invite trouble.Trouble needs no invitation, just like me.
But we both bring along lots of surprises, if you like it or not.
Strange..I saw you reading the article on 'Cascading effect' the other day.You can understand it much better if I put it this way.
A series of small mistakes and then the beeg Kaboom. All like a ,...big-bang.A big bang which opens up a whole new universe for you.
See....[Grins ] Ive put that 36 page article into mere oneliner for you.

Me:Wow!! Damn It!! That was no Goddamn mistake! You know it, I know it.It was kinda like a missed take!! ha ha!! You talk nice anyway,I am out of words.I better hurry now.Do wanna miss this firework.

Stranger: Walking away. Aint ya? Funny you are, still!

Me: I don't. I am not. There is no happy endings any way.

Stranger: By the way..the time machine is out of order,even so, you are fresh out of cash, for a ride back to the past and correct it.

Me: History has a nasty way of repeatin and I prefer to take the blue pill next time, Mr.Morpheus. And...about the past. Some things are better left untouched. I don't wanna wake up the dead. Perhaps ,you could do me a favour by joining them.You scared?

Stranger: If I die.... You die.... There is no fun with out you.But then again..I will have to leave you, Let you rot and eat away by Bone -Eating Worms.
Iam Incognito.

[ Man never will win the ultimate gamble.Its game over for you.... and a game begins some where else ]

I didn't answer him.I walked out into the rain, to the cold street.I could feel the accusing stare of the stranger behind me.
The rain drops felt like needle pricks on my skin. I didn't feel the pain. Instead it was the coldness. It was soothing. The pain was in the heart. Nothing could ease that pain.

All of a sudden, the street was drenched in darkness.Street lights went out.I had lived this many times;felt like the nightmare I used to have, stumbling in the darkness, to find a way out through the worm holes.
People hurried about the street as if haunted.Cold wind tore at my face lashing rain with it. I welcomed the coldness.It was complimenting with my innerself. I was engulfed in it.I belonged there.I was happy.I loved it.

Lightning lit up the street, in its brilliant flashes of purple and blue.I was not scared, I know fate would never give up on me that easy.I was confident.

Thuder clapped at a distance.
I had seen this street in its different colors, in the day, under the star lit sky.
Now I was trying to see how the street looked like, in this light and sound show,though the lightning froze the time only for a fraction of a second. The trees and buildings looked like cruel monsters.

This is no Hell hole I am in. Hell hole was where I was.I reigned there for a brief time.Reasoned with the master himself.It was all fun.....
De Javu....

My clothes sticked to my skin. I coasted down the street, holding hands with my diabolic thoughts, real slow.I didn't have a worry in the world.


DrEaMeR said...

Like your descriptive style of writing, especially of the rain and the conversation part.. Real good :)

Keep writing!

Comfortably Numb said...

And a long post :|
But you write some good shit man :D
I liked the conversation. And the way you took your post in and out of it. Well done


Sorcerer said...

Thanks for the correction mate!
thanks for the comments

Anonymous said...

1. this definitely is no funny post !
2. but it still has the sarcasm intact !!
3. Its a real deja vu to read this.. like reading peices of your own thouhgts..
4. WOW !!

cutestangel said...

When I started reading this post I initially thought it was going to be a love story, but I was surprised by the sinister twist.Good writing keep up the good work..

Oh yes thanks for visiting my blog so regular.Comments are always encourgaing and give inspiration to write more.

Anonymous said...

This one's what i have liked out of your entire writings! :)

love the cheekiness in your other 'how to and not to' posts..