Saturday, March 19, 2011


Sorcerer: I The King of This world and beyond... FREE YOU FROM THE BONDS OF FLU


Sorcerer: You are thus healed.

Susie: was all the caps supposed to give the effect?

Sorcerer: har har har..yes

Susie: for a person who is down with flu, do u realise, it makes no difference.. for their ear has lost its capacity to differentiate the decibel levels

Susie: I'm awesome

Sorcerer: nice to know that you are reading through your ears

Sorcerer: Well..That explains the magnitude of your FLU


OfficeSlave:Dude..Help me get outta her.
Sorcerer:Sure thing...Tell me what weird position did you try on her.


Wiseguy:Flirting with cyberchicks?
Genius:Shaping up a beautiful world actually.
Sorcerer:Orgasm or Obesity...That's the question...Right?

Geek:..So after that I am gonna get my Phd.
Sorcerer:Gwad..Cant believe believe in Spam mails and pr0n?
Geek:What are you talking about.
Sorcerer:The question is.."what exactly do you mean by 'Phd'".
Geek:What is Phd?

Ps:*sigh..This Geek Guy got pushed down the evolution tree..or may be he broke the branch cuz he was over weight or somethin.


Genius: When you'd be with a girl you'd not even mention words that would start with 's'.

Really_Harmless_Guy: like...Sleep? Well..I have better things to do..unlike you..

Genius:Can you believe it...That color is a major turn off on such a hot girl.

Sorcerer:Absolutely..It's like the pop up blocker on Internet explorer.


Siji: ..So the little monster kids didn't even bother me on my way back.

Sorcerer: That's something..The kids these days are well behaved.*sigh.What is the world turning into?

Siji: Nope..It's because of the Aura around me.See..even the TTE [Travelling Ticket Examiner] didn't ask me for the ticket.

Sorcerer: Soo..If I don't take bath for like 2 days..I get same Aura like you.Right?Poor T.TE..what all things they gotta put up with.

Genius:...I have to go to this party and my girl friend said..I better be presentable.Lots of hot chicks in there I presume!!

Sorcerer:She must have should be  wearing your straight jacket.


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