Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Sorcerer : u haf to do exactly as i say

Timone : r u crazzzzy?

Timone : do wat u say :O

Sorcerer : its to bug someone ....royally

Timone: Wow! sounds lyk a perfect suicide plot.

Sorcerer : DO IT.

Timone : orderin lil me around?

Timone : heard of amnesty international ...........???

Sorcerer : For you it would be P.E.T.A


Shawty: Hey, Do I look good in this white outfit?

Sorcerer:Wow! You look like a star,,err...white dwarf actually.


Wiseguy: Beautiful Sunday today and I am gonna do something really good today for the world.

Sorcerer:Err..Like sterlizing yourself?


Siji:So, it was doing it, just like the humans do.

Sorcerer:Well!we Humans do that.

Siji:Sorc! we are still trying to establish the fact that you are a human.

Genius:So, he won't be coming for the party.
Wiseguy:Yeah, he is accompanying his Girl friend for shopping.
Genius:Classic hostage situation.

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