Saturday, January 3, 2009

.......THE RAIN MAKER .......

A pleasant evening. The pale, heatless ball of the sun on the southern horizon, painted the sky in gold and red. Graying glow of few clouds - the twilight.
The young man , sat on the park bench near to his lady love.The wind had subsided to the faintest intermittent whisper

"Isn't it wonderful?" asked the young man.
He got no reply.

She turned from her contemplation of the nature’s artistic skills and smiled at him.
He smiled back and took a deep breathe.She moved closer to him, rested her head on his shoulders.
They were watching a small kid play by the fountain. The kid was happy and her giggles filled the air.

The young man whispered in her ears- "How about a rain to wash away the unknowable?"
She sighed and held his hands in hers and cuddled on his shoulders.

The young man sat, his head tilted back and looked at the pallid sky. He closed his eyes in contemplation.


A rain drop fell on her cheek, another on her eyelids, another on her foreheads; felt like soft kisses; each one fulfilling the inner self.

She opened her eyes. The air was cold, it surrounded her.

She looked at him. There were rain drops on his glasses, he was smiling at the skies, looking at it.

She smiled at him -"It's the rain, it’s really raining….. I mean" she said excited and giggled like the kid near the fountain.

He squeezed her fingers gently and nodded his head in response.

The rain drenched the green and the walkway, the kid near the fountain had taken shelter under a big tree. People stood up and started walking out of the park in an orderly chaos.

In the palm of her hand, she collected a few drops of rain and sprayed at him.
"You RAIN MAKER”- said she, giggled .

She sat closer to him; her heart filled with a new belief, she felt happy and glad.
He smiled and thought "I washed away the unknowable."

After hearing the narration, Sorcerer said to the Creator " It rained..Wow ! "
"Yes for five minutes. The Rain Maker had made many things happen since then. He believes in the universe, you know." replied the Creator.
"When you really want something, the whole universe conspires for that in your favor.....Hmmm..Mind is a powerful thing. It is! “added the Sorcerer.


"Maktub" said both at the same time


For A WORLD this is hard to believe.Apparitions are those thoughts shrouded in the white linen called practicality.

!!! BELIEVE !!!


SPECTRUM said...

gr8 wrk thr!

But it actually is hard to believe! :P

Sorcerer said...

Some things in life are.

sahil said...

would advise you to go for a less rruesome pic on top.. this might scare away visitors :)

Mihir said...

I like :).
Happy new year.

Sorcerer said...

sure.I wanna change the title pioc on my blog..did match with m old posts..
aawwww..iam becoming less evil these days..may be..i will change it into something garfiledish.

Tina said...

Hiya .. Man I thought I was the only one who thought ur blog ka pic was scary. I wanted to leave this as my comment first, Change the layouttt...the pic sacred me.. M here in my room and its 315 in the nyt and i open ur blog to read thru and i see this pic...

Coming bak to the post...I can Believe..truly I GOD performed these miracles for me wen I asked for it and wen i belvd I received it


Anonymous said...

i liked the title but tat pic scares me

T-REX said...

Stay evil man..the post was beautiful..i will try to believe... someday

C R D said...

LOVELY POST DUDE! Really loved it :)

dint understand the epilogue though..ur that damn good :) novel material


Sorcerer said...

Thank you CRD, T_Rex and Deepu

well..Finally i changed it the blog title pic!

Anonymous said...

impressive n sweet....