Monday, January 26, 2009


INSAN(in Hindi Means Human) 
"ITY " is just used for rhyming effect


I received a text on my mobile at the Sunday Morning.

"I have started, E.T.A 14.00 Hours."

I made my way through the Security Check at the FORUM Mall. The rendezvous point to meet the SPECIAL ENVOY from  Mysore, Code Named D.D .

Just to check on the progress, I text D.D 

"Not entered City Limits Yet. Still in traffic pattern." was the reply to my query.
"Roger. I am already at Zone." I confirmed back.


"Hmmm, I have to spend some time till D.D shows up on my radar." I thought.
"Yeah! Walk around and "Check Out" life." I told to myself

I moved around in the mall.

"HOLY COW!!!..MOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! [ The Cow turned into a werewolf!]
"AWESOME..CHIC!! Cant believe my eyes! Center of attraction.. Man!!. This is gonna be a happening Sunday.. Oohh la la.." 

Man! Her curves are, wow! sooo P.E.R.F.E.C.T. .Perfect figure in all respect.
The right height, Impressive. She was fair, with right curves.. ahem the right places.

I moved closer to her. I want to get near her, see her at a close range.

I made my way through the crowd, never taking my eyes off her. Sure, the rest of the Femme Fatales in the mall would be green about her and would really be possessive about their boy friends now and would hold his hands tight; Funny! Life is.

She has beautiful clear eyes. Eyes the windows to the innocent soul. Wow!. She has a warm, welcoming smile on her curved lips. She stood there knowing that, so many pair of eyes are raping her [Excuse my pun! Being brutally honest, that is].

Everything about her was exciting. I bet there would be many like me in the shopping mall, who would want to have a date  with her. Take her down the curved path that leads to a private beach, and unwind.

I really wanted to feel her curves, touch her. I mean...I am a man. Every human has temptations, like girls love chocolates, men fancy girls who look like chocolate. Temptations existed from the RED APPLE SCANDAL, I believe.

Even Former POTUS [President Of United States ] ,Mr. Clinton had his temptations. 
So ..I don’t think I need to clarify anything more here, cuz that would make it more perverted.

I want to get a 360 on her. So I pushed my way through the crowd and was now behind her.

"WOW!!!! Billions of Blue Blistering Whatever!!!!". Speechless I am. Just the right, smooth outward curve. The skirts too revealing what’s to be revealed.
Her leather boots, well cleaned and the steel on it shined while rays of sunlight fell on it.
Her sides were well sculptured.Good God, they are killing me.

I moved closer, Electrifying!!!!

Someone pushed me, and my hands rubbed against her side, It felt cold ,smooth and like silk.

I was standing closer to her and I heard a foreigner comment about her to her friend with a teasing smile.

"Yeah!! They look beautiful from the outside, but its crammed in the inside."

To that generalization I said to myself

"What ever! Young lady... Its suited for Indian Conditions".

I moved closer to beautiful girl and opened her door!. I sank into the driver's seat, closed her door!
The Firangi chic was wrong. It has more space. Large display screen on temperature control. USB support in the center.2 DIN  in Dash Audio, the steering wheel is real stylish with remote functions. Ergonomic Seats and yeah, the drivers seat is controlled by pumping system for height adjustment. The instrument panels looked cool.! 

Not bad.. Nice car!! I want to sit there and be alone with her for sometime, but there were people on the outside who want to check out too.

I got out of the new i20 from Hyundai, which is a new release in Indian market and closed her doors behind me.

The sales representative came and asked me- "Sir, are you interested in the new car ?"
"The whole package looks good. I was just checking her out" I replied and walked away.

Next destination. - LANDMARK, where I can read comics for free and check out on new game titles.





15:30 hours and D.D was still not on my radar. I thought I would check on D.D.

I made a call to D.D and D.D. picked the call. 

"I am at rendezvous point Code Named K.F.C Side. I just reached here and was about to call you." replied D.D 

"Roger that! Be right with you in a minute." I confirmed back.

 I got out of LANDMARK and moved towards the K.F.C Side. 

"Welcome to Bangalore. E.C.F Welcomes you comrade!!." I welcomed D.D 

"How did you identify me?" asked D.D. I was meeting D.D for the first time. 

"Well! I am programmed for that." I said with a grin.



"Well! Ya know, we have unrest in some hostile territory. Let us find some solution to neutralize it first. What say comrade?" I asked.

"Yeah! What is the strategy?" asked D.D 

"See, we can't go easy on it. Diplomacy won't work any more. We won’t negotiate. We need action and for that we need right weapons. The heavy hardware. So lets check out all countries and continents where we can get the right thing to neutralize the political unrest. " I replied 

We got into "TRANSIT". 

Let us start our search in Mexico. They are known for their hot weapons. Those thing which when dropped can burn from the inside creating major devastation at times, becoming uncontrollable and situations can get out of hand. I briefed D.D on Mexican armaments. 

We cruised to South Indian side which D.D said is not apt to use in such delicate political condition, where timing is the key. 

We moved to Bombay and looked at the display.. hmm.. Nothing impressive. 

Time was running out and we took subway and ended up in Rajdhani. 

Somehow all the Desi weapons did not impress us much. 

Destination "Beijing" I said. "The Chinese. They have all things." Anyway we hail Indo Sino Bro Bro.. Right?" I asked D.D 

We didn't want to waste anymore time and barged in, ordered for 2 rounds of schezuan chicken and Thai Fried Chicken; to complete political alliance we thought of having collaboration with the U.S and ordered for 2 full rounds of Coke.

The Chinese weapons with U.S political alliance with Indian Diplomacy would neutralize our hunger and bring peace in hostile territory.

D.D and I was hunting for a place to sit and discuss the new world order while having our food.

 I could not hold any longer, I wanted to confess to D.D something. It was growing on me.

 "D.D,  there’s some information for you! I never won any 'musical chair' competition in my life; so don't expect me to grab a chair." I confessed. 

D.D acknowledged it with a grin and a nod and spotted a place for us.





shefali said...

nice post....its like reading a novel.....not only does it hold one's interest but also keeps generating it.....
keep up the good work....
Tc :-)

Gopalakrishnan said...

interesting post..
I think you had a good time with her.. I enjoyed the post thoroughly. Cook up some more posts like this! :-)

purplestorm said...

Why associate what ever you're passionate about with a lady?


Anonymous said...

I instantly knew you were talking of a car .. have seen a lot of my friends drool over the cars on dispaly there ... ;)

nice post as usual :D

Sorcerer said...

@Purple Storm
Seee..Cars are girls.its cute..i mean..
well..i dont want MMM activists picketing my blog
Thanks for the replies

The Vitruvian Boy said...

The i20 looks gr8.
Its cute and flashy.....
didnt have an inside look....

keep writing.....

Siren said...

great read. is it wrong i am excited... LOL

Sorcerer said...

ha ha,..nothing wrong!
its a real turn on dude.
Its a good way to unwind on windin roads

Thanks vitruvian boy for the reply

Tina said...

This whole build up was abt a car!!!

Mannnn u insulted the female race...LOL....kidding..

Enjoyed ur every description. Typical of boys to praise machines :)

Lovely and thanks for changing ur layout


SPECTRUM said...

Nice post :D
Did DD write abt it somewhere?
i'd like to read her side. :P

Sorcerer said...

unfortunately DD dont blog!
lets see if we can convince DD to put her thoughts to the void of the net world!

buzzzzzzzzz... said...

lol......u write so funny!! m a big fan of ur blog ,,,,nt sleepin jus 2 read it ....

Sorcerer said...

wow! nice to hear that BUzzzzzzzzz
you got nice works on your blog too

buzzzzzzzzz... said...

geeez! u dnt havta retrn da compliment ,,,mr. kind!!!